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IMDb: None listed

Credits for: Carlos Ancalmo

  • Visual Effects
    • Marc Ecko - Timepieces (commercial)
      Marc Ecko - Timepieces (2011) ... Storyboard Artist

      Summary: Animated close-ups of a Marc Ecko watch, inside and out.
    • NBA - Navigation (commercial)
      NBA - Navigation (2007) ... Miniature Set Modeler

      Summary: Steve Nash's life is narrated by a GPS device
  • Other
    • Timex Nautica (commercial)
      Timex Nautica (2011) ... Storyboard Artist

      Summary: Shots of Nautica watches framed in juxtaposition to scenes of people having fun by the sea.
    • Google - Parisian Love (commercial)
      Google - Parisian Love (2010) ... Concept Art

      Summary: A series of Google searches tells a story of a man finding love in Paris.
    • Subway - Monster - Five Dollar Footlong (commercial)
      Subway - Monster - Five Dollar Footlong (2008) ... Storyboard Artist

      Summary: People are shown extending their hands to represent a foot long sandwich.
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