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IMDb: None listed

Credits for: Jesse Meriwether

  • Actor
    • Bing - Traffic Jam (commercial)
      Bing - Traffic Jam (2010) ... Woman lip-syncing

      Summary: People stuck in a traffic jam suffer from search overload.
    • M&M's - Checkout - Super Bowl Party (commercial)
      M&M's - Checkout - Super Bowl Party (2009) ... Cashier

      Summary: Red tries to avoid being purchased at the supermarket.
    • Pedigree - Crazy Pets (commercial)
      Pedigree - Crazy Pets (2009) ... Rhino Owner

      Summary: People are shown struggling with their exotic pets.
    • H&R Block - Cyclops (commercial)
      H&R Block - Cyclops (2009) ... Cyclops woman

      Summary: A cyclops tells his friends about H&R Block's Second Look tax program.
    • Bridgestone - Scream (commercial)
      Bridgestone - Scream (2008) ... Woman screaming

      Summary: A squirrel nearly gets hit by a car, but Bridgestone tires make the difference in swerving in time.
    • Orbit - Euphemisms (commercial)
      Orbit - Euphemisms (c. 2007) ... Mistress

      Summary: A woman confronts her husband and his mistress using euphemisms instead of dirty language.
    • ampm - Indecision (commercial)
      ampm - Indecision (2005) ... Woman deciding

      Summary: A couple ponders the selection in the beverage self serve station at an AM/PM convenience store.
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