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IMDb: Savannah Argenti

Credits for: Savannah Argenti

  • Actor
    • Kraft Cheese - Pure (commercial)
      Kraft Cheese - Pure (2009) ... Little Girl

      Summary: People enjoy Kraft natural shredded cheese made with 2% milk.
    • Bounty - Volcano (commercial)
      Bounty - Volcano (2009) ... Little girl

      Summary: A little girl talks to her daddy on the phone about a volcano experiment she did.
    • Rice Krispies Treats - Spring Shape Maker (commercial)
      Rice Krispies Treats - Spring Shape Maker (2008) ... Daughter

      Summary: A girl plants a seed in the garden, and waits patiently for it to grow.
    • Walmart - Christmas Morning Magic (commercial)
      Walmart - Christmas Morning Magic (2008)

      Summary: Kids wake up on Christmas morning and rush downstairs.
    • AT&T - Monkey (commercial)
      AT&T - Monkey (2007) ... Girl

      Summary: Using his camera phone, a father takes pictures of his daughter's toy monkey
    • Visit Florida - Shine (commercial)
      Visit Florida - Shine (2007) ... Girl with shell to ear/girl with sister

      Summary: Scenes of beaches, boating, relaxing, and playing in the sunshine of Florida.
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