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  • Actor
    • Gatorade - Lightning Bolt (commercial)
      Gatorade - Lightning Bolt (2013) ... Himself

      Summary: History of Gatorate along with iconic sports stars throughout the years.
    • Gatorade Has Evolved - G-Series (commercial)
      Gatorade Has Evolved - G-Series (2010) ... Himself (football)

      Summary: Athletes throughout history evolve, and so has Gatorade with their new G-Series.
    • Gatorade - What's G? II (commercial)
      Gatorade - What's G? II (2009) ... Himself

      Summary: Lil Wayne again describes "G" as legends of sport scroll past the screen.
    • Gatorade - Talking Heads (commercial)
      Gatorade - Talking Heads (2009) ... Himself

      Summary: Athletes give their definition of G.
    • Nerf - Whoa Oh! (commercial)
      Nerf - Whoa Oh! (2009) ... Himself

      Summary: Kids and young adults play with Nerf products as FTSK performs their song "Whoa Oh!".
    • Golden Double Stuf Oreo - Office Challenge (commercial)
      Golden Double Stuf Oreo - Office Challenge (2009) ... Himself

      Summary: Donald Trump challenges the Manning brothers to a DSRL contest.
    • Sony - BRAVIA - Ping Pong (commercial)
      Sony - BRAVIA - Ping Pong (2009) ... Himself

      Summary: A ping pong challenge between Timberlake and Manning to demonstrate the picture quality of Sony BRAVIA televisions.
    • Oreo - Double Stuf OREO - Press Conference (commercial)
      Oreo - Double Stuf OREO - Press Conference (2008) ... Himself

      Summary: Eli and Peyton Manning star in a new sport
    • Gatorade - G2 - Derek Jeter (commercial)
      Gatorade - G2 - Derek Jeter (2008) ... Himself

      Summary: New York Yankees' Derek Jeter walks on the streets of Manhattan that are transforming into a baseball field.
    • Reebok -  NFL - Join the Migration (commercial)
      Reebok - NFL - Join the Migration (2008) ... Himself

      Summary: NFL players migrate while wearing Reebok apparel.
    • NFL - Anything You Can Do (commercial)
      NFL - Anything You Can Do (2008) ... Himself

      Summary: Peyton and Eli Manning compete throughout their lives.
    • Sony - BRAVIA - HD Sports Panel (commercial)
      Sony - BRAVIA - HD Sports Panel (2008) ... Himself

      Summary: Sports celebrities appear in a store to help a guy decide to buy a Sony HD television.
    • Gatorade AM - Special Delivery (commercial)
      Gatorade AM - Special Delivery (2007)

      Summary: Kevin Garnett delivers Gatorade AM to athletes on their way to workout in the morning.
    • NBC - NFL Kickoff Weekend Promo (commercial)
      NBC - NFL Kickoff Weekend Promo (2007)

      Summary: Peyton Manning and Reggie Bush call in absurd room service for each other.
    • Sony - HDNA - Peyton Manning (commercial)
      Sony - HDNA - Peyton Manning (2007) ... Himself

      Summary: Peyton Manning shows us how Sony HD is used in recording, broadcasting, and producing a football game.
    • Gatorade - League of Clutch (commercial)
      Gatorade - League of Clutch (2007) ... Himself

      Summary: When all seems lost, heroes of the game come through.
    • Mastercard - Social Life (commercial)
      Mastercard - Social Life (2007) ... Himself

      Summary: Peyton Manning's Priceless Pep Talk: How to spruce up your social life with a few new dance moves.
    • Mastercard - Die-Hard Peyton (commercial)
      Mastercard - Die-Hard Peyton (2006)

      Summary: Peyton Manning cheers for the everyday people in his life
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