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IMDb: Dave Meyers

Credits for: Dave Meyers

  • Director
    • HP TouchSmart - Patty Cake (commercial)
      HP TouchSmart - Patty Cake (2009) ... Director

      Summary: People use the HP TouchSmart computer in sync with clapping.
    • HP dv6t - Dominoes (commercial)
      HP dv6t - Dominoes (2009) ... Director

      Summary: Laptops fall like dominoes.
    • Foot Locker - Nike - The Pier (commercial)
      Foot Locker - Nike - The Pier (2008) ... Director

      Summary: Basketball players use a shoreline carnival as their basketball court.
    • Cingular - Grocery Store (commercial)
      Cingular - Grocery Store (2006)

      Summary: In a grocery store all the products have clever names that correspond to musician names.
    • Budweiser Select - Band (commercial)
      Budweiser Select - Band (2006)

      Summary: The Budweiser Select crown take the shape of various items, ending with a scene of a band walking towards a door.
    • Cingular - Alter Ego Girl (commercial)
      Cingular - Alter Ego Girl (2005)

      Summary: A girl walks down the street, while her reflection/shadow dances.
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