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IMDb: Paul Hunter

Credits for: Paul Hunter

  • Director
    • Burger King - Simpsonize Me (commercial)
      Burger King - Simpsonize Me (2007)

      Summary: People are turned into Simpsons characters by Kang and Kodos (and the King).
    • Gap - Holiday In Your Hood (commercial)
      Gap - Holiday In Your Hood (2006)

      Summary: Common raps about Gap hoodies on top of a giant golden peace symbol.
    • Diet Coke - Roller Girl (commercial)
      Diet Coke - Roller Girl (2005)

      Summary: A bunch of friends are skating on the beach. The blonde sips her Diet Coke at the end.
    • Gap - Daft Punk (commercial)
      Gap - Daft Punk (2001)

      Summary: In their robot costumes, the guys from Daft Punk dance with Juliette Lewis while wearing Gap jeans.
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