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Credits for: Susan Credle

  • Creative Director
    • AT&T - Walkman Slider - Fireworks (commercial)
      AT&T - Walkman Slider - Fireworks (2008) ... Executive Creative Director

      Summary: The Slider phone is used to created stop motion type animated fireworks.
    • AT&T - Butterflies - Olympics (commercial)
      AT&T - Butterflies - Olympics (2008) ... Exec. Creative Director

      Summary: Gymnast Nastia Liukin performs a vault with butterflies all around her.
    • AT&T - Gingerbreadman (commercial)
      AT&T - Gingerbreadman (2007) ... Executive Creative Director

      Summary: A gingerbread man deals with his son and people eating his house.
    • AT&T - Family Rollover Minutes (commercial)
      AT&T - Family Rollover Minutes (2007) ... Executive CD

      Summary: A mother reprimands her son for throwing away rollover minutes.
    • Cingular - Dealing Blackjack (commercial)
      Cingular - Dealing Blackjack (2006) ... Executive Vice President, Executive Creative Director

      Summary: A stylized shadowy figure does some fancy magic-trick manipulation of the Samsung BlackJack.
    • M&M's - River of Chocolate (commercial)
      M&M's - River of Chocolate (2004) ... CD/Copywriter

      Summary: Special effects M&M's ripple like water, in a rainbow of colors
  • Executive/Owner
    • McDonald's - Apple Tree (commercial)
      McDonald's - Apple Tree (2011) ... CCO

      Summary: An apple tree grows up, a family of birds nests there, and they fly off with a Happy Meal.
    • McDonald's - Suzi Van Zoom (commercial)
      McDonald's - Suzi Van Zoom (2011) ... CCO

      Summary: Suzi Van Zoom zips around, riding her bike through a zoo on her way to McDonalds.
    • McDonald's - Bebe (commercial)
      McDonald's - Bebe (2010) ... CCO

      Summary: Animation of a girl, Bebe, who made a list of her birthday wishes.
    • McDonald's - Spaceman Stu (commercial)
      McDonald's - Spaceman Stu (2010) ... CCO

      Summary: An animated boy, Spaceman Stu, dreams of floating with the stars.
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