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Credits for: Andrew Keller

  • Creative Director
    • Burger King - The King's Gone Crazy (commercial)
      Burger King - The King's Gone Crazy (2010) ... Co-Executive CD

      Summary: The King runs through an office to deliver a Steak House XT.
    • American Express Open - Reveille (commercial)
      American Express Open - Reveille (2010) ... Executive Creative Director

      Summary: Businesses open in the morning as the traditional sunrise bugle song "Reveille" is played.
    • Old Navy - Denim Derrieres (commercial)
      Old Navy - Denim Derrieres (2009) ... Executive Creative Director

      Summary: Old Navy mannequins talk about their derrieres.
    • Hulu - Seth's Giggity Goo (commercial)
      Hulu - Seth's Giggity Goo (2009) ... Executive Creative Director

      Summary: Seth MacFarlane explains Hulu's evil plan, while showing off the voices of Family Guy.
    • Microsoft - Laptop Hunters - Lauren (commercial)
      Microsoft - Laptop Hunters - Lauren (2009) ... Co-Executive Creative Director

      Summary: Lauren shops for laptops, concluding she can't afford the Macs, but finds an HP PC within her budget.
    • Microsoft - Windows 7 - Good News (Kylie) (commercial)
      Microsoft - Windows 7 - Good News (Kylie) (2009) ... Co-Executive Creative Director

      Summary: A little girl, Kylie, puts together a slideshow of happy words about Windows 7 - Final Countdown version.
    • Volkswagen - Hoff (commercial)
      Volkswagen - Hoff (2008) ... Executive Creative Director

      Summary: Max the VW Beetle interviews David Hasselhoff.
    • Volkswagen - Shawn Fanning (commercial)
      Volkswagen - Shawn Fanning (2008) ... Executive Creative Director

      Summary: Max the VW Beetle interviews Napster creator Shawn Fanning.
    • Volkswagen - Routan - Intervention (commercial)
      Volkswagen - Routan - Intervention (2008) ... Co - Executive Creative Director

      Summary: Brooke Shields warns would-be parents against having children just to get the VW Routan.
    • Burger King - Heating Up (commercial)
      Burger King - Heating Up (2007) ... Executive Creative Director

      Summary: In this installment featuring the BK burger family, the father Whopper finds there's a party going on at his house.
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