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Credits for: Stink

  • Production Company
    • Kanye West - Power (music video)
      Kanye West - Power (2010) ... Production Company

      Summary: Kanye West as an emperor in the center of a living painting.
    • IKEA - Happy Inside (commercial)
      IKEA - Happy Inside (2010) ... Prod Company

      Summary: Cats are unleashed inside an IKEA, and make themselves at home.
    • Schweppes - Sensation (commercial)
      Schweppes - Sensation (2008) ... Production Company

      Summary: A woman seductively drinks Schweppes and rolls fruit against her skin.
    • Stoli Blakberi - Airship (commercial)
      Stoli Blakberi - Airship (2008) ... Production Company

      Summary: Stoli Blakberi is shipped to the United States as a giant airship
    • Orangina - Naturally Juicy (commercial)
      Orangina - Naturally Juicy (2007)

      Summary: Anthropomorphic animals do some dirty dancing in the forest.
    • Vaseline - Sea (commercial)
      Vaseline - Sea (2007) ... Production Co.

      Summary: The amazing abilities of skin are analyzed.
    • Honda - Impossible Dream (commercial)
      Honda - Impossible Dream (2005) ... Production Company

      Summary: A man rides/drives various Honda vehicles to the tune of "The Impossible Dream".
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