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IMDb: Dwyane Wade

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  • Actor
    • Gatorade - Lightning Bolt (commercial)
      Gatorade - Lightning Bolt (2013) ... Himself

      Summary: History of Gatorate along with iconic sports stars throughout the years.
    • Gatorade - What's G? (commercial)
      Gatorade - What's G? (2009) ... Himself

      Summary: Lil Wayne describes "G" as legends of sport scroll past the screen.
    • Miami Heat - I Got A Feeling (commercial)
      Miami Heat - I Got A Feeling (2009) ... Himself

      Summary: The Miami Heat lineup is introduced to the tune of James Brown's "I Got the Feelin'".
    • T-Mobile - Anytime (commercial)
      T-Mobile - Anytime (2008) ... Himself

      Summary: Charles Barkley annoys Dwayne Wade with his incessant calling
    • Gatorade - League of Clutch (commercial)
      Gatorade - League of Clutch (2007) ... Himself

      Summary: When all seems lost, heroes of the game come through.
    • Gatorade - G2 - Footsteps - Basketball Teaser (commercial)
      Gatorade - G2 - Footsteps - Basketball Teaser (2007)

      Summary: A man walks down the street, and the pavement becomes covered in basketball court floorboards.
    • T-Mobile - NBA Fan (commercial)
      T-Mobile - NBA Fan (2006) ... Himself

      Summary: A waitress is a fan of Dwayne Wade, but has no idea who Charles Barkley is.
    • T-Mobile - Hat (commercial)
      T-Mobile - Hat (2006) ... Himself

      Summary: Dwayne Wade (wearing a "stylish" hat) asks Charles Barkley to add him to his 5.
    • Lincoln Navigator - Hoops (commercial)
      Lincoln Navigator - Hoops (2006) ... Himself

      Summary: Dwayne Wade helps out a local kids basketball team.
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