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IMDb: Dante Ariola

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  • Director
    • Pepsi - Pass (commercial)
      Pepsi - Pass (2009)

      Summary: This ad pays tribute to the cultural, political, and musical changes that occurred in Western culture during the 20th century.
    • Pepsi - Refresh Anthem (commercial)
      Pepsi - Refresh Anthem (2009)

      Summary: Bob Dylan and will.i.am sing "Forever Young" as similarities in pop culture throughout the decades are shown.
    • Nike - Jordan XXIII - Maybe It's My Fault (commercial)
      Nike - Jordan XXIII - Maybe It's My Fault (2008) ... Director

      Summary: Michael Jordan talks about hard work to some youth basketball players.
    • JCPenney - Movies (commercial)
      JCPenney - Movies (2007)

      Summary: Famous moments in film recreated for the commercial.
    • Johnnie Walker - Human (commercial)
      Johnnie Walker - Human (2006)

      Summary: An android discusses why if he had a wish, it would be to be human.
    • Travelers Insurance - Snowball (commercial)
      Travelers Insurance - Snowball (2006)

      Summary: Walking down a steep street in San Francisco, a man trips, falls, and rolls down accumulating debris and other people along the way.
    • Coca Cola - First Taste (commercial)
      Coca Cola - First Taste (2006)

      Summary: An old gentleman in a retirement home tries a Coke for the first time, and ventures off to try all sorts of new things.
    • Amp - Paperwork (commercial)
      Amp - Paperwork (2006)

      Summary: A young man's thrown out papers come back to attack him.
    • Nike - Elephant (commercial)
      Nike - Elephant (2000)

      Summary: Lance Armstrong revives a circus elephant by performing mouth to mouth resuscitation.
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