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Credits for: Bikini Editorial

  • Editorial Company
    • Verizon - HTC ThunderBolt - Harvest (commercial)
      Verizon - HTC ThunderBolt - Harvest (2011) ... Editorial Company

      Summary: A guy hooks up wires on a rooftop to harvest lightning.
    • Verizon - Countdown (commercial)
      Verizon - Countdown (2011) ... Editorial Company

      Summary: A girl counts Mississippis between lightning strikes and the thunder.
    • Crayola Glow Explosion - Galaxy (commercial)
      Crayola Glow Explosion - Galaxy (2011) ... Editorial Co

      Summary: Kids play with Crayola Glow Explosion Sand Art and make a galaxy scene.
    • Crayola Color Wonder - Metallic Pop and Lock (commercial)
      Crayola Color Wonder - Metallic Pop and Lock (2011) ... Editorial Co

      Summary: Girls design some metallic robot costumes and do some pop-and-lock dancing.
    • Crayola Washable Colored Bubbles - Symphony (commercial)
      Crayola Washable Colored Bubbles - Symphony (2011) ... Editorial Co

      Summary: A group of kids play with Crayola Washable Colored Bubbles.
    • Toyota Prius - People Person (commercial)
      Toyota Prius - People Person (2011) ... Editorial

      Summary: People stacked up on one another form a composite person.
    • Honda Pilot - Road Trip - Crazy Train (commercial)
      Honda Pilot - Road Trip - Crazy Train (2011) ... Editorial Company

      Summary: A family car trip turns into a rendition of Ozzy Osbourne's "Crazy Train".
    • AT&T - Paper Dolls (commercial)
      AT&T - Paper Dolls (2010) ... Editorial Co

      Summary: An orange paper cutout is on a business trip, but with AT&T he can stay in contact with his family back home.
    • Toyota - Prius - Harmony (commercial)
      Toyota - Prius - Harmony (2009) ... Edit

      Summary: A surreal drive through the countryside, where the scenery consists of people in costumes.
    • Comcast High-Speed Internet - Rabbit (commercial)
      Comcast High-Speed Internet - Rabbit (2008) ... Editorial Company

      Summary: Comcast compares the speed of their internet services to a rabbit
    • Dell - Colors (commercial)
      Dell - Colors (2008) ... Editing Company

      Summary: People are shown with colorful Dell computers
    • Extended Stay Hotels - So Relaxed (commercial)
      Extended Stay Hotels - So Relaxed (2008) ... Editorial Company

      Summary: People are so relaxed at the hotel, they pass gas without restraint.
    • Hyundai - Commitment (commercial)
      Hyundai - Commitment (2007)

      Summary: A man drives down a dark road as a voice-over talks about commitment.
    • Dell - Out With The Old (commercial)
      Dell - Out With The Old (2007) ... Editing Company

      Summary: A white room contains old computers that are blowing up, leaving behind the Dell XPS One.
    • NBA - Remember (commercial)
      NBA - Remember (2007)

      Summary: Celtics fans pay attention to the Garnett signing press release
    • eBay - Belief (commercial)
      eBay - Belief (c. 2005)

      Summary: Folks are shown doing good things, demonstrating that people are generally good.
    • eBay - Clocks (commercial)
      eBay - Clocks (c. 2005)

      Summary: A crowd of thousands hold their clocks in front of a man who's looking to add to his collection.
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