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Credits for: Joel Waters

  • Music/Sound Design
    • Nike+ - Men Vs Women (commercial)
      Nike+ - Men Vs Women (2009) ... Mixer

      Summary: Men and women run to compete in the Nike Men Vs. Women challenge.
    • Keep California Beautiful - Beach Party (commercial)
      Keep California Beautiful - Beach Party (2009) ... Mixer

      Summary: In a mock beach party musical number, people sing about trashing the beach.
    • Comcast HD - Dinner (commercial)
      Comcast HD - Dinner (2008) ... Assistant Mixer

      Summary: A mother and son are dining out, talking about Comcast HD, and the mother lip syncs to a song.
    • Comcast HD - Kitchen (commercial)
      Comcast HD - Kitchen (2008) ... Assistant Mixer

      Summary: A woman sings when talking to a man in a large kitchen.
    • Comcast High-Speed Internet - Rabbit (commercial)
      Comcast High-Speed Internet - Rabbit (2008) ... Assistant Engineer

      Summary: Comcast compares the speed of their internet services to a rabbit
    • Zune - Ballad of Tina Pink (commercial)
      Zune - Ballad of Tina Pink (2007) ... Assistant Engineer

      Summary: A girl goes on a trippy journey through her Zune.
    • Zune - Academy Of Dreams (commercial)
      Zune - Academy Of Dreams (2007) ... Assistant Engineer

      Summary: A boy explores the bizarre world inside of his Zune
  • Visual Effects
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