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IMDb: Sarah Eim

Credits for: Sarah Eim

  • Visual Effects
    • Puma - Lift (commercial)
      Puma - Lift (2009) ... Flame Artist

      Summary: A man and a woman dance in a room filled with images created by a projector
    • Travelers Insurance - Delivery (commercial)
      Travelers Insurance - Delivery (2008) ... Flame Artist

      Summary: A man with a large red umbrella helps out people he meets on his journey.
    • Häagen-Dazs - Opera (commercial)
      Häagen-Dazs - Opera (2008) ... Flame Artist

      Summary: A bee tries to connect with a flower, but is blown away by the wind.
    • Zune - Ballad of Tina Pink (commercial)
      Zune - Ballad of Tina Pink (2007) ... 2D Artist

      Summary: A girl goes on a trippy journey through her Zune.
    • Zune - Academy Of Dreams (commercial)
      Zune - Academy Of Dreams (2007) ... 2D Artist

      Summary: A boy explores the bizarre world inside of his Zune
    • Barclays - iShares - Strike Anywhere (commercial)
      Barclays - iShares - Strike Anywhere (2006) ... Junior 2D VFX Artist

      Summary: Ideas strike various people, and they become focused on thinking out the ideas.
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