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IMDb: Method Studios

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  • Visual Effects
    • Nokia N8 - Don't Fence Me In (commercial)
      Nokia N8 - Don't Fence Me In (2011) ... VFX

      Summary: People escape confines and have fun.
    • Harley Davidson - Liberation (commercial)
      Harley Davidson - Liberation (2011) ... Post/Effects Co

      Summary: A Harley rider frees dogs from their cages.
    • Harley Davidson - Unchained (commercial)
      Harley Davidson - Unchained (2011) ... Post/Effects Co

      Summary: A dog chained in a yard breaks free and starts running along side a Harley.
    • Pepsi - Pass (commercial)
      Pepsi - Pass (2009) ... VFX Company

      Summary: This ad pays tribute to the cultural, political, and musical changes that occurred in Western culture during the 20th century.
    • CareerBuilder.com - Tips (commercial)
      CareerBuilder.com - Tips (2009) ... VFX Company

      Summary: Tips for when it's time to get a new job.
    • Dell - Discovery (commercial)
      Dell - Discovery (2009) ... VFX Company

      Summary: People are shown dancing after getting new Dell laptops
    • Hulu - Seth's Giggity Goo (commercial)
      Hulu - Seth's Giggity Goo (2009) ... VFX Company

      Summary: Seth MacFarlane explains Hulu's evil plan, while showing off the voices of Family Guy.
    • Microsoft - Laptop Hunters - Lauren (commercial)
      Microsoft - Laptop Hunters - Lauren (2009) ... Conform/Artist

      Summary: Lauren shops for laptops, concluding she can't afford the Macs, but finds an HP PC within her budget.
    • Microsoft - Windows 7 - Good News (Kylie) (commercial)
      Microsoft - Windows 7 - Good News (Kylie) (2009) ... Conform/Artist

      Summary: A little girl, Kylie, puts together a slideshow of happy words about Windows 7 - Final Countdown version.
    • Washington Mutual - WaMu - Hair (commercial)
      Washington Mutual - WaMu - Hair (2008)

      Summary: A man fantasizes about driving a sports car and having hair, after hearing about WaMu's free checking account
    • Discovery Channel - I Love the World (commercial)
      Discovery Channel - I Love the World (2008) ... Visual Effects & Online Edit

      Summary: People sing about how they love the world.
    • Lips - Take On Me (commercial)
      Lips - Take On Me (2008) ... VFX Company

      Summary: A walking pair of lips sings A-ha's song "Take On Me"
    • Zune - Ballad of Tina Pink (commercial)
      Zune - Ballad of Tina Pink (2007) ... Visual EFX Company

      Summary: A girl goes on a trippy journey through her Zune.
    • Zune - Academy Of Dreams (commercial)
      Zune - Academy Of Dreams (2007) ... Visual EFX Company

      Summary: A boy explores the bizarre world inside of his Zune
    • Gatorade - League of Clutch (commercial)
      Gatorade - League of Clutch (2007) ... SFX

      Summary: When all seems lost, heroes of the game come through.
  • Post Production
    • Verizon - HTC ThunderBolt - Harvest (commercial)
      Verizon - HTC ThunderBolt - Harvest (2011) ... Post/Effects

      Summary: A guy hooks up wires on a rooftop to harvest lightning.
    • Verizon - Countdown (commercial)
      Verizon - Countdown (2011) ... Post/Effects

      Summary: A girl counts Mississippis between lightning strikes and the thunder.
    • Invesco - It Can Happen (commercial)
      Invesco - It Can Happen (2011) ... Post/Effects

      Summary: Animated finance traps symbolize how "Accidental investing can happen to anyone"
    • Burger King - The King's Gone Crazy (commercial)
      Burger King - The King's Gone Crazy (2010) ... Post/Effects

      Summary: The King runs through an office to deliver a Steak House XT.
    • Hulu - Alec In Huluwood (commercial)
      Hulu - Alec In Huluwood (2009) ... Post-Production

      Summary: Alec Balwin reveals the secret behind video website Hulu.
    • Old Navy - Denim Derrieres (commercial)
      Old Navy - Denim Derrieres (2009) ... Post Production

      Summary: Old Navy mannequins talk about their derrieres.
    • Microsoft - New Family (commercial)
      Microsoft - New Family (2008) ... Post Production (Conform/Finishing)

      Summary: Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates live with a family to connect with real people.
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