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Credits for: Eleven Sound

  • Music/Sound Design
    • Hyundai - All For One (commercial)
      Hyundai - All For One (2012) ... Audio Post

      Summary: Super Bowl 2012: A Hyundai engineer thinks something's impossible, but gets inspiration from fellow employees doing an a capella rendition of "Gonna Fly Now"
    • Newport Beach Film Festival - Boy Meets Girl (branding)
      Newport Beach Film Festival - Boy Meets Girl (2011) ... Audio Post

      Summary: A director steps through his thought process in crafting his film.
    • Ancestry.com - Civil War (commercial)
      Ancestry.com - Civil War (2011) ... Audio Post

      Summary: The story of three soldiers during the Civil War.
    • Farmers - Celebration (commercial)
      Farmers - Celebration (2011) ... Audio Post Company

      Summary: At University of Farmers, the professor gets soaked with sports drink.
    • Repo Men - Various (commercial)
      Repo Men - Various (2010) ... Audio Post

      Summary: Dark humor parody ads within the movie Repo Men.
    • Bing - Thelma & Louise (commercial)
      Bing - Thelma & Louise (2010) ... Sound Design

      Summary: Two women find a restaurant with Bing in their own version of a famous scene from Thelma & Louise.
    • Gatorade - Quest For G (commercial)
      Gatorade - Quest For G (2009) ... Mix

      Summary: King Kevin Garnett and his gallant knights search for the Holy G.
    • Travelers Insurance - Prized Possession (commercial)
      Travelers Insurance - Prized Possession (2009) ... Mix/Sound Design

      Summary: A dog tries to find a safe place for his bone.
    • Nike - Don't Criticize (Hyperize) (commercial)
      Nike - Don't Criticize (Hyperize) (2009) ... Mix Company

      Summary: Music-video-style, basketball players pose as rappers.
    • HP TouchSmart - Patty Cake (commercial)
      HP TouchSmart - Patty Cake (2009) ... Sound Design

      Summary: People use the HP TouchSmart computer in sync with clapping.
    • HP dv6t - Dominoes (commercial)
      HP dv6t - Dominoes (2009) ... Sound Design

      Summary: Laptops fall like dominoes.
    • Nike Golf - Never (commercial)
      Nike Golf - Never (2008) ... Audio Post-Production

      Summary: Some words of Tiger Woods' focus from his late father.
    • Old Spice - Old Spice Pro-Strength (commercial)
      Old Spice - Old Spice Pro-Strength (2008) ... Audio Post-Production company

      Summary: Neil Patrick Harris endorses Old Spice
    • Travelers Insurance - Risk (commercial)
      Travelers Insurance - Risk (2007) ... Audio Mix

      Summary: Risk causes problems every place he goes.
    • Honda - Civic Hybrid - Trashed (commercial)
      Honda - Civic Hybrid - Trashed (2007) ... Sound Design

      Summary: An environmentally-friendly Civic Hybrid driver cleans up after the driver of another vehicle.
    • Hyundai - Commitment (commercial)
      Hyundai - Commitment (2007) ... Mixer

      Summary: A man drives down a dark road as a voice-over talks about commitment.
  • Other
    • Starbucks - Window Washer (commercial)
      Starbucks - Window Washer (2007) ... Audio Post-Prod. company

      Summary: A window washer lowers himself down a building, and gets a gift from a couple of penguins.
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