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IMDb: Jim Gaffigan

Credits for: Jim Gaffigan

  • Actor
    • Sierra Mist Free - Combover (commercial)
      Sierra Mist Free - Combover (2007)

      Summary: A man is fired for having a beard combover despite the fact that he chooses to drink Sierra Mist Free
    • Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash - Holiday Hawk (commercial)
      Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash - Holiday Hawk (2006) ... Holiday Hawk wearer

      Summary: Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash only comes around once a year, like the Holiday Hawk.
    • Sierra Mist - Wand (commercial)
      Sierra Mist - Wand (2006) ... Security guard

      Summary: At an airport security checkpoint, a Sierra Mist is confiscated.
    • Sierra Mist - Postal Postal (commercial)
      Sierra Mist - Postal Postal (2006) ... Postal worker #3

      Summary: A group of USPS workers find Brian's repetition annoying, so they find a way to make it work to their advantage.
    • Sierra Mist - Wedding Crashers (commercial)
      Sierra Mist - Wedding Crashers (2006) ... Wedding crasher (blue suit)

      Summary: Two guys get busted at a wedding they weren't invited to.
    • Sierra Mist - Valet (commercial)
      Sierra Mist - Valet (2006) ... Valet

      Summary: A valet pilfers a man's Sierra Mist, and a confrontation ensues.
    • Sierra Mist - Movie Line (commercial)
      Sierra Mist - Movie Line (2006) ... In line behind #2

      Summary: While in line at a movie, a man asks two guys to save his spot in line.
    • Sierra Mist - Baby Monitor (commercial)
      Sierra Mist - Baby Monitor (2006) ... Bob (Friend)

      Summary: A couple is entertaining friends, and sneaks off to the baby's room to talk behind their backs.
    • Sierra Mist - Baseball (commercial)
      Sierra Mist - Baseball (2006)

      Summary: While at a baseball game, there's only one Sierra Mist left to split between two friends.
    • Sierra Mist - Family (commercial)
      Sierra Mist - Family (2006)

      Summary: The new guy at work is meeting everybody in the office, and helps himself to a co-worker's Sierra Mist Free.
    • Sierra Mist Free - Lost and Found (commercial)
      Sierra Mist Free - Lost and Found (2006) ... Worker / Manager

      Summary: A man goes to a lost & found to claim a missing Sierra Mist Free, only to find the worker is drinking it.
    • Sierra Mist - Office Fridge (commercial)
      Sierra Mist - Office Fridge (2006)

      Summary: People help themselves to the Sierra Mist in a co-worker's mini refrigerator.
    • Sierra Mist Free - X-Ray (commercial)
      Sierra Mist Free - X-Ray (2006) ... Security

      Summary: At an airport security checkpoint, a couple has their Sierra Mist Free taken for a "security test."
    • Sierra Mist - Rock Paper Scissors (commercial)
      Sierra Mist - Rock Paper Scissors (2005) ... RPS Winner

      Summary: There's only one Sierra Mist left, and it comes down to rock, paper, scissors to determine who gets it.
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