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IMDb: Tessa Davis

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  • Editor
    • Old Navy - Denim Derrieres (commercial)
      Old Navy - Denim Derrieres (2009) ... Editor

      Summary: Old Navy mannequins talk about their derrieres.
    • Walmart - CFL (commercial)
      Walmart - CFL (2008) ... Editor

      Summary: A woman stands in the forest and lists the benefits of using CFL light bulbs.
    • Walmart - Coffee (commercial)
      Walmart - Coffee (2008) ... Editor

      Summary: A woman stands by a stream and talks about organic coffee.
    • Walmart - Silk (commercial)
      Walmart - Silk (2008) ... Editor

      Summary: A woman and child sit on a windy beach talking about Silk soymilk.
    • Miller High Life - Bistro (commercial)
      Miller High Life - Bistro (2006)

      Summary: A Miller High Life truck crew confiscates their beer from a restaurant that doesn't follow the 'high life' principles
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