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IMDb: Brickyard VFX

Credits for: Brickyard VFX

  • Visual Effects
    • Bud Light Lime - Sphere of Summer (commercial)
      Bud Light Lime - Sphere of Summer (2009) ... VFX Facility

      Summary: In the cold of winter, a guy who's drinking Bud Light Lime is surrounded by a nice summer day.
    • Toyota - Prius - Harmony (commercial)
      Toyota - Prius - Harmony (2009) ... Special Effects

      Summary: A surreal drive through the countryside, where the scenery consists of people in costumes.
    • Comcast HD - Dinner (commercial)
      Comcast HD - Dinner (2008) ... On-Line/Visual Effects

      Summary: A mother and son are dining out, talking about Comcast HD, and the mother lip syncs to a song.
    • Comcast HD - Party (commercial)
      Comcast HD - Party (2008) ... VFX Company

      Summary: When a man speaks a Billy Idol song is heard.
    • Comcast HD - Kitchen (commercial)
      Comcast HD - Kitchen (2008) ... Visual Effects

      Summary: A woman sings when talking to a man in a large kitchen.
    • Comcast High-Speed Internet - Rabbit (commercial)
      Comcast High-Speed Internet - Rabbit (2008) ... On-Line

      Summary: Comcast compares the speed of their internet services to a rabbit
    • Volvo - Showroom (commercial)
      Volvo - Showroom (2007)

      Summary: An exotic car looks out from a showroom at a fun life a Volvo is leading.
    • Hyundai - Logo - Think About It (commercial)
      Hyundai - Logo - Think About It (2007) ... Flame Company

      Summary: A teaser for Hyundai's Think About It campaign, in which logos are discussed.
  • Post Production
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