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IMDb: Cory Assink

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  • Actor
    • Old Navy - Cozyscope (commercial)
      Old Navy - Cozyscope (2011) ... Handsome Gentleman Piano Player

      Summary: At Old Navy Funnovations Inc. we find out just how cozy Old Navy Cozy Wear is.
    • Dell - Join (RED) (commercial)
      Dell - Join (RED) (2008) ... Guy with Dell

      Summary: A guy walks down the street and is congratulated by people.
    • Spike - Star Wars - Ewok (commercial)
      Spike - Star Wars - Ewok (2008) ... Man in Park

      Summary: A guy plays fetch with an Ewok, but things don't go as he expected.
    • Target - More Where That Came From (commercial)
      Target - More Where That Came From (2008) ... Giant Baby's Father

      Summary: A theme of "get more for less", version with baby diapers.
    • Ace Hardware - Portraits: Lawn & Garden (commercial)
      Ace Hardware - Portraits: Lawn & Garden (2007) ... Ace employee on bench

      Summary: Ace store employees pose next to homeowners in their lawns and gardens.
    • Cingular - Grocery Store (commercial)
      Cingular - Grocery Store (2006) ... Music shopper

      Summary: In a grocery store all the products have clever names that correspond to musician names.
    • Budweiser Select - Band (commercial)
      Budweiser Select - Band (2006) ... Guy at pool table

      Summary: The Budweiser Select crown take the shape of various items, ending with a scene of a band walking towards a door.
    • Labatt Blue - Loverboy (commercial)
      Labatt Blue - Loverboy (2005) ... Bar patron (right)

      Summary: Two friends at a bar sing along to Loverboy's "Turn Me Loose".
    • K-Swiss - Classics (commercial)
      K-Swiss - Classics (2005) ... Cory

      Summary: People around the world show off their K-Swiss Classics and say how they wear their shoes.
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