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IMDb: Gus Koven

Credits for: Gus Koven

  • Music/Sound Design
    • Dodge Charger - Man's Last Stand (commercial)
      Dodge Charger - Man's Last Stand (2010) ... Sound Designer

      Summary: Men will put up with a lot, but in exchange they can get their thrills from the Dodge Charger.
    • Diet Coke - Stay (commercial)
      Diet Coke - Stay (2010) ... Sound Designer

      Summary: People doing extraordinary things.
    • CareerBuilder.com - Tips (commercial)
      CareerBuilder.com - Tips (2009) ... Sound Designer

      Summary: Tips for when it's time to get a new job.
    • Monster - Double Take - Moose (commercial)
      Monster - Double Take - Moose (2009) ... Sound Designer

      Summary: A boss's lavish office has a flip side.
    • Comcast - Singalong (commercial)
      Comcast - Singalong (2009) ... Sound Designer

      Summary: People sing about Comcast Internet, phone, and television services in a virtual world.
    • Coca Cola - It's Mine (commercial)
      Coca Cola - It's Mine (2008) ... Sound Design

      Summary: Parade balloon characters try to grab a giant balloon bottle of Coke.
    • Sprint - The Monsters of Nascar (commercial)
      Sprint - The Monsters of Nascar (2008) ... Sound Design

      Summary: Nascar cars are shown animated as monsters in Sprint's neon light style
    • Nike - We Have Softball (commercial)
      Nike - We Have Softball (2008) ... Music/Sound Design

      Summary: Girls are shown playing softball
    • Jeep Liberty - Pouring In (commercial)
      Jeep Liberty - Pouring In (2007)

      Summary: A man leaves his sunroof open and finds himself singing with a chorus of animals
    • Starbucks - Window Washer (commercial)
      Starbucks - Window Washer (2007) ... Sound Designer

      Summary: A window washer lowers himself down a building, and gets a gift from a couple of penguins.
    • HP - Michel Gondry - Eternal Sleeper (commercial)
      HP - Michel Gondry - Eternal Sleeper (2007) ... Sound Design

      Summary: Director Michel Gondry talks about how he uses his HP computer.
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