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Credits for: Chuck Blackwell

  • Creative Director
    • Honda CR-V - Proposal (commercial)
      Honda CR-V - Proposal (2012) ... VP, CD/Art

      Summary: A woman ponders her Leap List after her boyfriend proposes.
    • Honda CR-V - Baby (commercial)
      Honda CR-V - Baby (2012) ... VP, CD/Art

      Summary: A man thinks about his Leap List after his wife says she wants to have a baby.
    • Honda CR-V - Grandma (commercial)
      Honda CR-V - Grandma (2012) ... CD/Art

      Summary: A man takes his grandmother to her old home, which she hasn't been to in years.
    • Honda CR-V - Marathon (commercial)
      Honda CR-V - Marathon (2012) ... CD/Art

      Summary: A girl finishes a marathon and walks to her CR-V, receiving a text from her mom.
    • Honda CR-V - Matthew's Day Off (commercial)
      Honda CR-V - Matthew's Day Off (2012) ... VP, CD

      Summary: Super Bowl 2012 : Matthew Broderick in a parody of his iconic role Ferris Bueller.
    • Honda - Accord - Hold On Tight - Tunnel (commercial)
      Honda - Accord - Hold On Tight - Tunnel (2007) ... Art Director

      Summary: An Accord drives though a tunnel with scenes of nature projected on the walls.
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