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IMDb: None listed

Credits for: Bruno Aveillan

  • Director
    • York - Venus - Close Up (commercial)
      York - Venus - Close Up (2009) ... Director (@ Belive)

      Summary: A woman is shown in close-ups enjoying the chill of a York Peppermint Pattie.
    • Lexus GS - Button / Ice (commercial)
      Lexus GS - Button / Ice (2005)

      Summary: A man is on an expedition in a frozen remote area, then scales an ice wall, and finds a button behind a sheet of ice.
    • Lexus GS - Button / Ocean (commercial)
      Lexus GS - Button / Ocean (2005)

      Summary: A scuba diver deep under water enters a passageway that leads to a button.
    • Lexus GS - Button / Reveal (commercial)
      Lexus GS - Button / Reveal (2005)

      Summary: A woman in cat burglar gear is breaking into a building Mission-Impossible-style, and she reveals a button.
    • De Beers - Faces (commercial)
      De Beers - Faces (2003)

      Summary: A man is going to give his wife a diamond necklace, and he envisions his her face on every woman he sees.
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