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IMDb: None listed

Credits for: Steve Keith-Roach

  • Director
    • SNY - Muscles (commercial)
      SNY - Muscles (2011) ... DP

      Summary: A guy watching sports on his couch becomes musclebound.
    • SNY - Libido (commercial)
      SNY - Libido (2011) ... DP

      Summary: A young woman married an old guy for his money, but the guy's vitality is boosted by watching sports on TV.
    • SNY - Sasquatch (commercial)
      SNY - Sasquatch (2011) ... DP

      Summary: As a guy watches SNY, he becomes more and more hairy.
    • Nike+ - Men Vs Women (commercial)
      Nike+ - Men Vs Women (2009) ... DP/Cameraman

      Summary: Men and women run to compete in the Nike Men Vs. Women challenge.
    • Weetabix - Oaty Bars (commercial)
      Weetabix - Oaty Bars (2009) ... DP

      Summary: Two people find love in the English countryside by combining oats and chocolate.
    • Kohler - Jo's Plumbing (commercial)
      Kohler - Jo's Plumbing (2007) ... Directory of Photography

      Summary: A man tries to clog his toilet so he can hire an attractive plumber.
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