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IMDb: None listed

Credits for: Chuck McBride

  • Creative Director
    • Lenscrafters - See What You Love (commercial)
      Lenscrafters - See What You Love (2009) ... Executive Creative Director

      Summary: People look through a heart shape that they make with their hands
    • Levi's - Onion Peel (commercial)
      Levi's - Onion Peel (2008) ... Executive Creative Director

      Summary: A scene of a fashion model plays backwards to the point where she's with her boyfriend.
    • Levi's - Helium Jeans (commercial)
      Levi's - Helium Jeans (2008) ... Creative Director

      Summary: A guy floats around in helium-inflated pants.
    • Jeep - Sandbox (commercial)
      Jeep - Sandbox (2007) ... Executive Creative Director

      Summary: The jeep model line up is shown racing through a giant sandbox
    • Jeep Liberty - Pouring In (commercial)
      Jeep Liberty - Pouring In (2007) ... Executive Creative Director:

      Summary: A man leaves his sunroof open and finds himself singing with a chorus of animals
  • Executive/Owner
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