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  • Editorial Company
    • DrugFree.org - Typical Conversation (commercial)
      DrugFree.org - Typical Conversation (2011) ... Editorial

      Summary: A mother and daughter have a confrontation, speaking only in descriptions about what they're saying.
    • DrugFree.org - Save (commercial)
      DrugFree.org - Save (2011) ... Editorial

      Summary: Parents of a boy who's using drugs try all sorts of things to save him.
    • DrugFree.org - Under the Bed (commercial)
      DrugFree.org - Under the Bed (2011) ... Editorial

      Summary: A mother finds a huge marijuana joint in her daughter's room that represents how even a little pot can become a big problem.
    • Ad Council - Awkward Times (commercial)
      Ad Council - Awkward Times (2011) ... Editorial

      Summary: PSA for Unplanned Pregnancy Prevention: Various couples make out - awkwardly.
    • Sabra - Intervention (commercial)
      Sabra - Intervention (2010) ... Editorial

      Summary: A woman gets a Sabra hummus taste intervention.
    • GEICO - Piggy (commercial)
      GEICO - Piggy (2010) ... Editorial

      Summary: Rhetorical question: Did the little piggy cry "wee wee wee" all the way home?
    • GEICO - Woodchucks (commercial)
      GEICO - Woodchucks (2010) ... Editorial

      Summary: Rhetorical question: Do woodchucks chuck wood?
    • Hulu - Alec In Huluwood (commercial)
      Hulu - Alec In Huluwood (2009) ... Editorial Company

      Summary: Alec Balwin reveals the secret behind video website Hulu.
    • Miller High Life - Super Bowl Viral (commercial)
      Miller High Life - Super Bowl Viral (2008)

      Summary: The High Life deliveryman critiques the 2008 Super Bowl ads
    • GE Healthcare - Love Story (commercial)
      GE Healthcare - Love Story (2008)

      Summary: A man creates a chain reaction that injures many people while trying to get the attention of a girl
    • Skittles - Pinata (commercial)
      Skittles - Pinata (2008)

      Summary: A pinata man tells a co-worker that he needs to
    • GE - Ecomagination - Clouds (commercial)
      GE - Ecomagination - Clouds (c. 2008)

      Summary: People move buckets of water up in the clouds.
    • Huggies - Big Baby (commercial)
      Huggies - Big Baby (2008) ... Editorial Company

      Summary: Office workers begin to act like babies
    • K-Y Yours + Mine - Midwestern Couple (commercial)
      K-Y Yours + Mine - Midwestern Couple (2008) ... Editorial Company

      Summary: A stereotypical midwestern couple Mr. and Mrs. Olson talks about K-Y Yours + Mine
    • JetBlue - Happy Jetting (commercial)
      JetBlue - Happy Jetting (2008) ... Editorial

      Summary: JetBlue touts their benefits with text and animation.
    • Stride - Giant - Supermarket (commercial)
      Stride - Giant - Supermarket (2008) ... Editing House

      Summary: A giant wrestler attacks a man coming out of a supermarket and makes him spit out his gum
    • Crest - Bulldozer (commercial)
      Crest - Bulldozer (2008) ... Editorial Company

      Summary: A construction worker with a smile successfully explains why he's demolishing a playground
    • Crest - Lice (commercial)
      Crest - Lice (2008) ... Editorial Company

      Summary: A smiling man brings his wife some unpleasant news
    • Crest - Prenup (commercial)
      Crest - Prenup (2008) ... Editorial Company

      Summary: A man tells his fiancee she needs to sign a prenuptual agreement
    • Verizon Wireless - Hallway Brothers (commercial)
      Verizon Wireless - Hallway Brothers (2008) ... Editorial Company

      Summary: Two creepy brothers warn of a dead zone
    • Oh Boy! Oberto - Cop Stache (commercial)
      Oh Boy! Oberto - Cop Stache (2008) ... Editorial Company

      Summary: A police officer looks up to her partner by growing out a mustache.
    • JCPenney - Magic (commercial)
      JCPenney - Magic (2007)

      Summary: Ordinary people experience magical moments on the street.
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