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IMDb: None listed

Credits for: Henrik Sundgren

  • Director
    • Guinness - UFO (commercial)
      Guinness - UFO (2007)

      Summary: A flying saucer shoots lasers at different countries around the world, but Ireland is protected by Guinness beers.
    • Guinness - Ninja (commercial)
      Guinness - Ninja (2007)

      Summary: Ninjas fight three giant glasses of beer.
    • Garmin - Christmas (commercial)
      Garmin - Christmas (2006)

      Summary: It's wintertime, and a man who is lost in a remote location can't find the highway.
    • Garmin - Shopping (commercial)
      Garmin - Shopping (2006)

      Summary: A woman is doing some Christmas shopping, plus running other errands, and finds her way with the help of a Garmin.
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