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IMDb: Barry Levinson

Credits for: Barry Levinson

  • Director
    • Macys - Carlos and Mariah (commercial)
      Macys - Carlos and Mariah (2008) ... Director

      Summary: Carlos Santana and Mariah Carey improvise some music to show off their fashion collections at Macy's.
    • Macys - The New Guy (commercial)
      Macys - The New Guy (2008) ... Director

      Summary: Model Gabriel Aubry turns heads as he is introduced into the star lineup at Macy's.
    • Macys - Stars (commercial)
      Macys - Stars (2007)

      Summary: An allstar lineup of designers/celebrities put on some finishing touches in a Macy's store.
    • The Magic of Macy's - New Season (commercial)
      The Magic of Macy's - New Season (2007)

      Summary: An all-star cast prepares a Macy's store for the holidays.
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