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IMDb: None listed

Credits for: Scott Kaplan

  • Copywriter
  • Producer
    • Lexus - Milestones (commercial)
      Lexus - Milestones (2010) ... Producer

      Summary: Examples of how Lexus has been ahead of the times.
    • Old Spice - Slide (commercial)
      Old Spice - Slide (2008)

      Summary: A man playing baseball touts the benefits of Old Spice during an exceptionally long slide home
    • Axe - Lynx - Chocolate Man (commercial)
      Axe - Lynx - Chocolate Man (2008) ... Line Producer

      Summary: A man sprays himself with Axe (Lynx) and turns to chocolate that women find irresistible.
    • Skittles - Pinata (commercial)
      Skittles - Pinata (2008)

      Summary: A pinata man tells a co-worker that he needs to
    • Lips - Take On Me (commercial)
      Lips - Take On Me (2008) ... Line Producer

      Summary: A walking pair of lips sings A-ha's song "Take On Me"
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