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splendAd Admin keith 526
What do you think about our integration of Facebook's Open Graph "Like" buttons?
splendAd Admin keith 526 In reply to: keith
You can see an example of one of the buttons on this page:
cooter 25 In reply to: keith
looks good.
splendAd Admin keith 526 In reply to: keith
Does anyone have privacy concerns about Facebook's new feature? You may have heard that U.S. senators are pressing Facebook on their new features being opt-out by default, and are worried that third-party sites have too much access by default.


Currently splendAd is not doing any programmatic retrieving of information from Facebook. The "Like" buttons on our pages simply provide a connection, so if you click the button, then log in or were already logged into Facebook, then your "Like" action will be published on your wall, and you will then be a fan of that object.

Facebook's objective with this is to map out the social web, but it also allows websites to communicate back with the people, by allowing them to retrieve some public information from the fans, and to also post to their walls. Like I said, splendAd isn't currently doing that part yet. While we evaluate if there's any value in doing something like that, I'd be interested in people's privacy concerns.
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