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splendAd Admin keith 526
Should copyright owners be so strict about taking down commercials from YouTube?
sidekick 5 In reply to: keith
They shouldn't be too strict cause it's like putting up a free commercial for millions of viewers to watch.
gravyc 1 In reply to: keith
I believe so, yes.
There should be some control on how and where media is presented.

If an actor's contract stipulated where an ad was to be shown, that actor might get a bit upset if the ad appeared on a porn site; they might not want that association. Similarly, someone might not like their music being used on a site promoting violence or child abuse.
The list is endless, but it's almost impossible to control.
This site is great and would seem to present no such issues. But, it depends on the arrangements made with those who worked on the ad.
Perhaps they were paid for a certain number of showings or for a period of time. It really boils down to contracts and I'm guessing we all like to retain some control over where and how our material is used.
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