The reason of aggrandizement floor

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in numerous floor type, although aggrandizement floor function is stable, but ferial floor cleanness maintains cannot ignore. Network of Chinese wood floor is small make up remind: Aggrandizement wood floor Cleanness maintains note 5 respects.
1, the direct illuminate that the floor wants to prevent intense sun as far as possible and high temperature are artificial of illuminant roast meat for long bake, lest floor surface shifts to an earlier date weather-shack with ageing. Monsoon should close good window, lest wave,rain soaks a floor. Should notice at the same time indoor ventilated, send out indoor damp, the indoor temperature that keeps normal also is helpful for the extension of floor life.
2, of floor occurrence craze maintain method: In the Qiu Dong with dry climate season wants issue of craze of particularly main floor, want to notice to increase the humidity of floor surface appropriately at this moment: The humidity; that can use special humidifierto increase the earth's surface conditionally also can use pure cotton mop to dip in water is pigheaded work to undertake wiping to the floor. Anyhow, cannot undertake with many water adds wet , can be just the opposite to what one wished otherwise, scathing floor.
3, daily attention note: A cushion meeting with setbacks is placed in doorway place, avoid grit other perhaps small block is in to the scathing; of the floor when moving the furniture such as chair, table, do not procrastinate drag, raise its the object that will move; of put down gently gently to avoid to contain glue sex to drop to go up in the floor, for instance chewing gum, clear very hard otherwise; does not want to throw match and cigarette head conveniently on the floor, once the floor is scorched can affect badly beautiful and repair rise very troublesome; avoids sharp article, for instance the; of cut floor surface of and so on of shears, penknife is mixed in toilet backstairs mouth should notice to clear at any time oozy seeper is waited a moment.
4, aggrandizement wood floor does not need to wax and paint, avoid by all means uses polish of sand paper burnish. Because aggrandizement wood floor is different from Real wood floor, its surface is compared originally smooth, brightness is better also, wax instead is met ruin the effect by adding sth superfluous, outsmart oneself. The wear-resisting degree of aggrandizement wood floor also perfectly, need us to be able to achieve the result that maintains for a long time according to the method of the first pace only.
5, the cleanness that notices a floor: If the floor had oily be soiled and besmirch, want to notice to keep clear of in time, can use housekeeping money downy and neuter cleaner adds Wen Shui to undertake handling, had better use the cleanness of special floor board with floor form a complete set to protect fluid to clean. Do not contact floor surface layer with the caustic liquid such as buck, suds, should not wait for combustible article and liquid of other high temperature to wipe a floor with benzine more.
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