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"I love the wolrd" commercial

Discovery Channel - I Love the World (2008) 09 Apr, 2008 08:43 PM
Discovery Channel - I Love the World Summary: People sing about how they love the world.

Song: I Love the Mountains by Susie Tallman

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Song: Boom-De-Yada [Discovery Channel] composed by John Nau composed by Andrew Feltenstein

Ricky 2
Well i really love this commercial, but i have seen another three variations from this one. In one the guy from daily planet is there, the guy from cash cab, and Adam from mythbusters says "I love to try stuff" and i like that one much better. the other one is just a small version of it.

Anyways i think it might be because of the region that i live in, which is vancouver canada. Anyways i really want to get this commercial downloaded before it stops airing, please help.
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