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TIAA-CREF - (2007) 08 Apr, 2008 07:07 AM
TIAA-CREF - Summary: Examples of how TIAA-CREF is a financial services company that does things the dot-org way.

Song: See a Little Light by Bob Mould

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[Art] It's a real shame Bob Mould has to resort to this to make a living.
[JD] nothing wrong with getting paid for your art
[Art] Nothing wrong indeed. I paid for my copy of Workbook. Now it's unlistenable because TIAA CRAP is shoving it down my throat constantly. Like I said, it's a shame. But like the Coug sings, this is our country...I'm off to drive my Chevy truck and by my TIAA CRAP annuity....
[EMP] With all the download piracy going on, it's hard to make a living as a musician these days - if you were in Bob's shoes you'd do the same
[Art] Not saying I wouldn't, I'm saying it's a shame. One of the icons from my youth, a legend from back in the day, whatever you want to call him, he's not someone I want to hear pitching annuities. (When Mike Watt gets to this point, I hope someone will put a cap in my ass...)

I'm also seeing that 10% of the TIAA CREF workforce is being let go - or, seeing a little light as Bob might like to note (sounds like maybe they're spending too much on their advertising budget...for the greater good of course).

Future suggestions for Bob to make a little money:

Hoover Dam - Las Vegas tourism board
Standing in the Rain -
New Day Rising - Prozac
I Apologize - Hallmark Cards
Celebrated Summer - Bell's Oberon (Anheuser Busch probably pays more though, I'm just not familiar with their summer product)
Chartered Trips - Travelocity
A Good Idea - T Boone Pickens' wind farms

C'mon - if you don't think this is a shame, you're not really fans of this guy and the ideals he brought to many of us as fans, especially those of us who were looking for something other than this type of stuff.

Like I said in the first post, it's a real shame Bob Mould has to resort to this to make a living. I don't begrudge him the need to make a living, it's still a shame.

He rocked my ass off the first time I saw him at the Cat's Cradle in Chapel Hill (and I've seen him probably 10-12 times since) - literally blew me away and left me speechless. One of a handful of shows in my life where I was truly inspired. Now he's pitching annuities.

Maybe he should have gotten a real job somewhere along the way like the rest of us. Rock on.
[EMP] LOL @ future suggestions. I guess there are different levels of "selling out", I live in the UK, so this ad is not on rotation here. Remember being v. annoyed when New Orders' classic "Blue Monday" was used in a chocolate advert over here, which to some people was almost blasphemous. The main upside with this sort of thing is that a) it can help bring an artists' music to a new audience + b) the money that Bob makes might help to fund future releases/tours (his new album is out early next year). I saw Bob at Camden (London) this year and he still continues to inspire, so I won't be holding this against him........
[Jim Ross] All you haters suck!! Mould is awesome. He's a brilliant musician, songwriter, and business man. You got a problem with him making $$? I suspect you are a total loser, broke, lame-o. Stop hating.
[Art] Yep, yep. Thanks for weighing in Jim. Let me guess, you've been a Bob Mould fan for....18 months? Some of us have been following the guy for over 20 years. Some even have successful careers and can afford to still pay for Bob's work when he releases it. Every Husker Du, Sugar and Mould CD and album in my collection was purchased at full retail. We have opinions and are certainly entitled to them. Bob sent us a link from his blog website to the ad and this comment board. Thank you for sharing too!
[Juanhammed] I just thought of my own money making opportunity.
I'm going to get t-shirts printed up that say:
"Jim Ross is a Tard"
[Tony Rizzuto] Bob's music makes this ad all the better (tho I will say it's the weak sister to the better overall TIAA CREF campaign). I applaud him.
[Some gal] God bless Bob Mould and the inspiration he has been to so many people for so long.
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