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Snickers - Intro

Snickers - Intro (2007) 11 Sep, 2007 12:29 PM
Snickers - Intro Summary: A collection of people from different historical times go on a road trip.

Song: Snickers Feast Song

[B. Kerns] The commercial at the gas station is the best. The Viking has bad ticks when told "they are out of snickers". Takes it out on a Caddy.
Funny commercials are always best.
[Love it!] I love the snickers feast campaign, it is lighthearted, fun, and creative, I would feast more often myself if I weren't trying to lose a few pounds. Either way, would love to party with those guys!!!!!
[Maxwell] What is the name of the song that they sing in one of the commercials
[LadyK] The song the Hawiaan dancer starts is GreenSleeves. Its even funnier because King Henry VIII wrote said song for Anne Boleyn.

As far as my favorite commercial, it is hands down the one where the Pilgrim asks the Viking where they are going and he starts spouting off about Vahalla and the Pilgrim listens intently until he asks what the address is so he can plug it into the GPS.

On a total side note, some friends and I were at a hotel in Phx, Az one morning having breakfast and out walks all 5 of them, they shuffle off to the gift shop buy snickers and head out the front door. We kind of stared in awe for a few minutes. As they were leaving the Viking and Pilgrim stopped and chatted w/ us for a few minutes. Incredibly nice people. We wanted to follow and play with them (My friends and I do Renaissance Performers in Arizona) The Pilgrim is REALLY tall. We loved them all tho. Great guys!!!
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