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Volkswagen - Beetle - Thief

Volkswagen - Beetle - Thief (2007) 05 Jul, 2007 05:09 PM
Volkswagen - Beetle - Thief Summary: A thief steals a red VW Beetle, but has a change of heart and returns it.

Song: Either Way by Wilco

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[caitlin] wow i came and googled for teh commercial because i loved the song
[chris] me too! the commercial wasn't bad, either. a little "clever" for my taste--like the VW ad where the tow truck driver moves the VW into a legal parking space instead of towing it--but good nonetheless
[Nicole] I didn't get it at first that he stole the car!! I thought that the guy was the how the girl felt I saw it a few times before I got it. I like it a lot and the song.
[Annie] ahh I feel the euphoria. My sister just bought wilco's cd, and this song came on and i said I'd heard it before so I googled it and aha. I was right.
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