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Grey Poupon - Pardon Me

Grey Poupon - Pardon Me (1981) 31 Dec, 2006 02:57 PM
Grey Poupon - Pardon Me Summary: One man in a Rolls-Royce asks a man in another Rolls-Royce if he has any Grey Poupon.  
[Michael Spalding] Two Rolls-Royces are next to each other on a quiet country road. The electric windows slide down noiselessly. You know what comes next: "Pardon me, would you have any Grey Poupon?" Ian Richardson, the British actor who made those words famous, died Feb. 9 in London. He was 72

- Automotive News - February 19, 2007 edition
splendAd Admin keith 526
Michael, thanks for the comments. Sad news about Ian Richardson. However, this isn't one of his commercials. Anyone looking for one of the Ian Richardson Grey Poupon ads go the Grey Poupon brand link above and go to Son of Rolls.
mgwolf 1
The four Grey Poupon spots featuring Ian Richardson and Paul Eddington were created approximately twelve years after Larry Elegant and his partner originated the campaign. Elegant's campaign had run its course by 1990 and the campaign was put up on blocks until we convinced RJR Nabisco to re-do the campaign with more cinematic production value. At least that was our opening for the pitch. Our real motivation was to freshen the campaign by rebuilding it around that classic joke: One man asks another: "Do you have the time?" To which the other responds with: "Yes, I certainly do." and walks off. When put in the Grey Poupon format, Nabisco's brand manager snarled and said, "If he drives away without handing off the Grey Poupon, it's too mean-spirited." It took about 5 months of discussion (ah, those were the days) but the project was approved. Frank Lowe, to his credit, doggedly pursued Ian Richardson and Paul Eddington. My art director and I hired Kiwi motion picture D.P. Michael Seresin to direct the 4 new spots, which we cheerfully did just outside Auckland, New Zealand. I still have hours upon hours of my own Hi8 video from that shoot with Ian and Paul kibbitzing with us for the for one of the many production diaries I was fond of assembling. I also have a wonderful hand-written thank you note from Ian Richardson in which he mentions having purchased a new home with his earnings. I was the copywriter. My name is Mark Gordon Wolf, and the art director was Nanette Koryn. The creative director was an abusive putz who knew not to meddle with what promised to do Larry Elegant's original concept proud.
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