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Grey Poupon - Son of Rolls

Grey Poupon - Son of Rolls (1991) 20 Feb, 2007 09:03 PM
Grey Poupon - Son of Rolls Summary: A follow up to the original "Pardon Me" commercials, where "But of course" takes on a new meaning.  
debsue 1
I drove limousines for many years. This commercial really made me laugh. For years I actually carried a bottle of Grey Poupon in my briefcase. People would always pull up next to me when I was driving a limousine and ask "do you have any grey poupon?" What a surprise to them when I would say "But of course" and show them the bottle!! It was so funny....had many laughs about this commercial. :-) Love this one the best where the drivers are going back and forth!!! LOL Chauffeur Debra- Detroit MI
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