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tv commercials and cinema ads

  • Lipton Iced Tea - You Are What You Tea Lipton Iced Tea - You Are What You Tea (2011)
    Summary: A woman becomes translucent liquid, representing 100% Natural Lipton Iced Tea.
    Song: I Won't Kneel (White Light Version) by Groove Armada, SaintSaviour
  • Hellmann's - Love Notes Hellmann's - Love Notes (2010)
    Summary: Stop-animation sandwiches topped with Hellmann's mayonnaise.
    Song: L.O.V.E by V.V. Brown
  • Magnum Gold - Trailer Magnum Gold - Trailer (2010)
    Summary: A heist film is not all that it seems.
  • Axe Hair - Spearfishing Axe Hair - Spearfishing (2010)
    Summary: A guy's hair is so spiky from hair gel that he gets fish stuck to his head after diving into the water.
    Song: La plus belle chanson by Jacqueline Taieb
  • Degree UltraClear - Black Dress Degree UltraClear - Black Dress (2009)
    Summary: A woman tries her deodorant on a bellhop before putting on her dress.
    Song: In the Mood for l'Amour by Claire Denamur
  • Axe Instinct - Cavemen - Leather Axe Instinct - Cavemen - Leather (2009)
    Summary: Animated cavemen discover leather.
    Song: Look Good In Leather by Cody ChesnuTT
  • Axe - Instinct - Leather Axe - Instinct - Leather (2009)
    Summary: A woman's body appears in the contours of leather.
  • Lipton Sparkling Green Tea - I Think I Love You Lipton Sparkling Green Tea - I Think I Love You (2009)
    Summary: A woman buys Lipton Sparkling Green Tea from a vending machine.
    Song: I Think I Love You by The Partridge Family, David Cassidy
  • Wisk - Leapfrog Wisk - Leapfrog (2009)
    Summary: A boy hurdles over his friends, staining his clothes.
    Song: The Nutcracker: Trepak (Russian Dance) by Tchaikovsky
  • Breyers - How Long Breyers - How Long (2009)
    Summary: A woman discovers her husband sneaking some ice cream.
    Song: How Long by Ace
  • Suave Professionals - Split-Screen Suave Professionals - Split-Screen (2009)
    Summary: A split screen shows a mother glamorous on the top and responsible on the bottom.
    Song: C'mon Y'all by Salme Dahlstrom
  • Bertolli - Opera Bertolli - Opera (2008)
    Summary: A chef sings about his lasagna, but no one comes to the restaurant.
    Song: [related] Carmen: Habanera (Opera) by Georges Bizet
    Song: Carmen: Habanera (Bertolli version)
  • Caress Brazilian Exotic Oil - Rio Caress Brazilian Exotic Oil - Rio (2008)
    Summary: A woman in silhouette covers herself in Caress Brazilian Exotic Oil body wash.
    Song: Rio by Nicole Scherzinger
    Song: [related] Rio by Duran Duran
  • Axe Detailer Shower Tool - Guywash Axe Detailer Shower Tool - Guywash (2008)
    Summary: A man is taken through and automated carwash for men
    Song: Take Me Baby by Jimi Tenor
  • Dove Go Fresh Body Mist Dove Go Fresh Body Mist (c. 2008)
    Summary: A woman wearing a green shirt uses Dove Go Fresh Body Mist
    Song: Segue by Di Johnston
  • Axe Proximity - Plans Axe Proximity - Plans (2008)
    Summary: One man tries to dissuade his friend from a scheme to meet women.
  • Axe Proximity - Weiner Axe Proximity - Weiner (2008)
    Summary: Two men discuss the benefits of plastic surgery
  • Axe Proximity - Moustache Axe Proximity - Moustache (2008)
    Summary: Two men discuss the attractiveness of a moustache
  • Wish-Bone - Bountifuls - Bump Wish-Bone - Bountifuls - Bump (2008)
    Summary: Wish-Bone's new salad dressing: Bountifuls.
    Song: Bump by Spank Rock
  • Degree - OMG Ashley Tisdale Degree - OMG Ashley Tisdale (2008)
    Summary: Ashley Tisdale falls down during a concert
    Song: He Said, She Said by Ashley Tisdale
  • Sunsilk - 4 Minutes Sunsilk - 4 Minutes (2008)
    Summary: Madonna promotes Sunsilk's "Life can't wait" campaign.
    Song: 4 Minutes by Madonna, Justin Timberlake, Timbaland
  • Axe Vice - Ejected Women Axe Vice - Ejected Women (2008)
    Summary: Women fly through the air as they complain about some fault in the guys they're dating.
    Song: Solid Gold by Eagles of Death Metal
  • Axe Bullet Axe Bullet (2008)
    Summary: A man pictures women in their underwear when he sees them
    Song: Can't Seem to Make You Mine by The Seeds
  • Dove - Speedy Spa Dove - Speedy Spa (2008)
    Summary: Winner of the Dove Cream Oil Body Wash Ad Contest, voted on during the 2008 Academy Awards broadcast.
  • Axe - Lynx - Chocolate Man Axe - Lynx - Chocolate Man (2008)
    Summary: A man sprays himself with Axe (Lynx) and turns to chocolate that women find irresistible.
    Song: Sweet Touch of Love by Allen Toussaint
  • Sunsilk - Life can't wait Sunsilk - Life can't wait (2008)
    Summary: Marilyn Monroe, Shakira and Madonna promote Sunsilk's "Life can't wait" campaign.
    Song: I Wanna Be Loved By You by Marilyn Monroe
    Song: Whenever, Wherever by Shakira
    Song: Ray of Light by Madonna
  • Dove - Onslaught Dove - Onslaught (2007)
    Summary: Dozens of beauty advertisements and procedures are flashed in this spot
    Song: La Breeze by Simian
  • Axe - Dinner Axe - Dinner (2007)
    Summary: A woman rips the clothes off of her boyfriend's visiting father.
  • Axe - Paris Axe - Paris (2007)
    Summary: A woman gets distracted by a busboy on her way to a dinner date
    Song: Straight Lines by Dawn Landes
  • Sunsilk - Brunette Boost 2 Sunsilk - Brunette Boost 2 (2007)
    Summary: A blonde starts trash talking brunettes, but gets interrupted by a brunette.
    Song: Symphony No. 9: II. Molto vivace (Scherzo) by Beethoven
  • Sunsilk - Brunettes Sunsilk - Brunettes (2007)
    Summary: A brunette trash talks blondes while talking about Sunsilk Color Boost.
    Song: Symphony No. 9: II. Molto vivace (Scherzo) by Beethoven
  • Vaseline - Sea Vaseline - Sea (2007)
    Summary: The amazing abilities of skin are analyzed.
    Song: Ten-Day Interval by Tortoise
  • Dove - CreamOil Body Wash - Bubbles Dove - CreamOil Body Wash - Bubbles (2007)
    Summary: In black and white, several women pose while they're covered in bubbles that look like clothing.
    Song: I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles by Tony B
  • Axe Boost - Better Kisser Axe Boost - Better Kisser (2007)
    Summary: A man leaves a car at a gas pump and rushes to help two women determine which of them is a better kisser..
  • Axe Boost - ESP Axe Boost - ESP (2007)
    Summary: An ice cream vendor drops what he's doing and hurries to find a woman poolside.
  • Axe - Pipe Axe - Pipe (c. 2006)
    Summary: Women on different floors of an apartment building all pole dance on the same drain pipe.
  • Axe - Bath Time Axe - Bath Time (c. 2006)
    Summary: A woman is shown giving a bath to someone off screen.
  • Axe - Billions Axe - Billions (2006)
    Summary: Numerous bikini-clad women converge on a guy who's spraying himself with Axe body spray.
    Song: Dies Irae by Karl Jenkins
  • Axe - Rolling Axe - Rolling (2006)
    Summary: A man and woman making out, roll obliviously across the countryside.
    Song: Lazy Lover by Brazilian Girls
  • Axe - Clix Axe - Clix (2006)
    Summary: Nick Lachey keeps track of girls that find him attractive with a tally counter.
    Song: Gangster of Love by Johnny "Guitar" Watson
  • Dove - Evolution Dove - Evolution (2006)
    Summary: A woman sits down for a photo shoot, and we see a fast forward transformation to her embellished billboard image.
    Song: [related] Passage D by The Flashbulb
  • Lynx - Getting Dressed Lynx - Getting Dressed (c. 2004)
    Summary: A man and a woman wake up in bed and proceed to follow their trail of clothes back to their meeting point
    Song: Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo'ole
  • Axe - Getting Dressed Axe - Getting Dressed (c. 2004)
    Summary: A man and a woman wake up in bed and proceed to follow their trail of clothes back to their meeting point
    Song: Falling by Peter Lawlor
  • Brisk - Devito Brisk - Devito (2002)
    Summary: A puppet version of Danny Devito is fired from a commercial


  • Dove - Fresh Takes - Promo Dove - Fresh Takes - Promo (2008)
    Summary: Scenes from "Fresh Takes", a micro-series starring Alicia Keys.
    Song: No One by Alicia Keys
    Song: The Thing About Love by Alicia Keys
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