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tv commercials and cinema ads

  • Visa - United Divided Visa - United Divided (2010)
    Summary: Footage of football (soccer) fans from around the world.
  • Visa Check Card - Aquarium Visa Check Card - Aquarium (2009)
    Summary: A man takes his daughter to the aquarium on a Tuesday.
    Song: Tuesday Afternoon by The Moody Blues
  • Visa - Let's Go Visa - Let's Go (2009)
    Summary: People are shown waking up early and starting a new day
    Song: Today by Smashing Pumpkins
  • Visa - Congratulations Phelps - 8 Gold Visa - Congratulations Phelps - 8 Gold (2008)
    Summary: Visa congratulates swimmer Michael Phelps for winning eight gold medals in one Olympics.
  • Visa - Congratulations Phelps - Overall Gold Visa - Congratulations Phelps - Overall Gold (2008)
    Summary: Visa congratulates swimmer Michael Phelps for winning more Olympic gold medals than anyone.
  • Visa - Olympics - Come Together Visa - Olympics - Come Together (2008)
    Summary: The spirit of the Olympics.
  • Visa - Olympics - Bob Beamon Visa - Olympics - Bob Beamon (2008)
    Summary: Long jumper Bob Beamon's famous record breaking jump at the Olympics.
    Song: The Ride of the Valkyries by Richard Wagner
  • Visa - Olympics - Derek Redmond Visa - Olympics - Derek Redmond (2008)
    Summary: Derek Redmond finishes despite being injured during the 400m at the 1992 Olympics.
  • Visa - Naked Man Visa - Naked Man (2008)
    Summary: A man is left in the desert with nothing but a Visa card.
    Song: Non Stop by Whitey
  • Visa - Rockit Visa - Rockit (2007)
    Summary: Breakdancers in a store are halted when one of the customers tries to pay with a check.
    Song: Rockit by Herbie Hancock
  • Visa Check Card - Juggling Visa Check Card - Juggling (2007)
    Summary: A mother ruins the rhythm of a store full of people juggling.
    Song: Breakfast Machine by Danny Elfman
  • Visa - New Orleans Saints Visa - New Orleans Saints (2007)
    Summary: Crowds of people prepare for a football game where New Orleans Saints are playing.
    Song: When the Saints Go Marching In by Louis Armstrong
  • Visa - payWave  - NYC Visa - payWave - NYC (2007)
    Summary: The fast-paced life of New York City is slowed down for a moment when a guy pays with cash.
    Song: On the Beautiful Blue Danube by Johann Strauss II
  • Visa - Garden Nursery Visa - Garden Nursery (2007)
    Summary: On a happy, sunny day, everything is moving smoothly at a flower/garden shop, until one woman pays by check.
    Song: Brazil by Geoff Muldaur
  • Visa - Downtown Visa - Downtown (2007)
    Summary: After a woman's heel breaks off she goes on a musical shopping spree.
    Song: Downtown by Niki Haris
    Song: [related] Downtown by Petula Clark
  • Visa Check Card - End of the Rainbow Visa Check Card - End of the Rainbow (2006)
    Summary: A man finds a leprechaun's pot of gold, but there's no gold in it.
  • Visa - Scrooge Visa - Scrooge (2006)
    Summary: Scrooge generously pays for toys, meals, and ice cream with his Visa check card.
  • Visa - Paperwork Forest Visa - Paperwork Forest (2006)
    Summary: All of the paperwork from within a city flies back to the forest.
    Song: [Untitled - Visa Paperwork Forest] by Christopher Faizi
  • Visa - Lunch - Assembly Line Visa - Lunch - Assembly Line (2006)
    Summary: In a food court the line is moving like a finely tuned piece of machinery, when the momentum comes to a screeching halt when one man pays with cash instead of Visa.
    Song: [related] Powerhouse by Raymond Scott
  • Visa Signature Card - Nice Day Visa Signature Card - Nice Day (c. 2005)
    Summary: A couple dines at a constantly changing restaurant
    Song: A Kiss To Build A Dream On by Louis Armstrong
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