Company: Best Buy

tv commercials and cinema ads

  • Best Buy - Geek Squad - Backpacks Best Buy - Geek Squad - Backpacks (2011)
    Summary: A student shows off some cool technology, with a symbolic Geek Squad guy backpack.
    Song: I Got Your Back by Andrew Simple
  • Best Buy - Pierced Best Buy - Pierced (2007)
    Summary: A girl talks on the phone with a friend about how lame her parents are, but has a change of heart when she sees some Best Buy presents.
  • Geek Squad - Mandroid Geek Squad - Mandroid (2007)
    Summary: While on a routine call, a Geek Squad employee offers to fix a woman's mandroid.
  • Best Buy - Restroom Best Buy - Restroom (c. 2000)
    Summary: A man plays with the automated machines in a restroom.
    Song: Barber of Seville/Overture by Rossini


aired in stores

  • Geek Squad - Spill Geek Squad - Spill (2009)
    Summary: A Geek Squad technician magically fixes a camera that had a drink spilled on it.
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