Brand: Sprint

tv commercials and cinema ads

  • Sprint - HTC Evo 3D - Table Tennis Sprint - HTC Evo 3D - Table Tennis (2011)
    Summary: A father records video in 3D of his kids playing table tennis.
  • Sprint - Holiday Bubbles - Flava Flav Sprint - Holiday Bubbles - Flava Flav (2009)
    Summary: A family has unlimited calling, and the father accidentally calls Flava Flav.
  • Palm - Pass the Pixi Palm - Pass the Pixi (2009)
    Summary: The Palm Pixi is shown from the point of view of someone looking at the phone.
    Song: Sleepyhead by Passion Pit
  • Sprint - Palm Pre - Facebook - Dooryway Sprint - Palm Pre - Facebook - Dooryway (2009)
    Summary: A Facebook page comes to life.
    Song: Doorway by Io Echo
  • Sprint - Anthem - Now Network Sprint - Anthem - Now Network (2009)
    Summary: Statistics about what's going on now on the Sprint network.
  • Sprint - Roadies Sprint - Roadies (2008)
    Summary: What if roadies ran the world? Here they are handling an airline.
  • Sprint - The Monsters of Nascar Sprint - The Monsters of Nascar (2008)
    Summary: Nascar cars are shown animated as monsters in Sprint's neon light style
  • Sprint - Send Love Sprint - Send Love (2008)
    Summary: A man sends woman exchange romantic text messages
    Song: Girls and Boys in Love by The Rumble Strips
  • Sprint - Light Trail Sprint - Light Trail (2007)
    Summary: Light streaks down streets and through a building as people are frozen in time.
    Song: [Untitled: Sprint Light Trail] by Everything Speaks
  • Sprint - Ice Skates Sprint - Ice Skates (2007)
    Summary: Ice Skaters form chrismas trees using lights.
    Song: Nattappet by Detektivbyran
  • Samsung - UpStage - Beyonce Samsung - UpStage - Beyonce (2007)
    Summary: Two versions of Beyoncé Knowles bump into each other.
    Song: Irreplaceable by Beyoncé
  • Sprint - Tying Shoes Sprint - Tying Shoes (2007)
    Summary: People are shown tying their shoes, and a voice-over talks about saving time.
    Song: Anecdote by Ambulance Ltd
  • Sprint - Charts Sprint - Charts (2007)
    Summary: Business people draw charts and graphs using lights
    Song: Waltz II (Jazz Suite No. 2) by Dmitry Shostakovich, Riccardo Chailly, Concertgebouw Orchestra Amsterdam
  • Sprint - Dreams Sprint - Dreams (2007)
    Summary: Colored lights produce interesting animation
    Song: Souvenirs by Architecture in Helsinki
  • Sprint - Crime Deterrent Sprint - Crime Deterrent (2006)
    Summary: Two men brag about their cell phones until one demonstrates the crime deterrent feature.
  • Sprint - Lawyer Sprint - Lawyer (2006)
    Summary: With a lawyer to back up the veracity of his statements, a spokesman speaks of how powerful the Sprint network is.
  • Sprint - Time Machine Sprint - Time Machine (2006)
    Summary: Beaming in a la Star Trek, a spokesman talks of time travel and the Sprint unlimited time calling period.


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