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tv commercials and cinema ads

  • Zune - Common Zune - Common (2008)
    Summary: Common discusses who influences his song 'Univeral Mind Control'.
    Song: Universal Mind Control by Common
  • Zune - Mother Like No Other Zune - Mother Like No Other (2008)
    Summary: A strange animal creates a Mother's Day present with the help of a cardinal
    Song: Come As You Were by The Bird and the Bee
  • Zune - Stacks Zune - Stacks (2008)
    Summary: Album covers of records arranged in stacks are shown
    Song: Spaz by N.E.R.D.
  • Microsoft - Zune - Piece of Me, Piece of You Microsoft - Zune - Piece of Me, Piece of You (2008)
    Summary: Zombie puppets dance around in this Thriller like spot from Zune arts
    Song: Fancy Footwork by Chromeo
  • Zune - Laika Zune - Laika (2008)
    Summary: The untold adventures of the first dog into space.
    Song: I am the Unknown by The Aliens
  • Zune - Le Cadeau du Temps Zune - Le Cadeau du Temps (2007)
    Summary: An old man is giving a youth returning potion
    Song: Liquid Sugar by Maps
  • Zune - Intergalactic Swap Meet Zune - Intergalactic Swap Meet (2007)
    Summary: A creature swaps items with other planets by tossing a filled jar across space
    Song: Eucalyptus by The Deadly Syndrome
  • Zune - Masks Zune - Masks (2007)
    Summary: Animated solidiers make peace after seeing the world from each other's perspective
    Song: Young Men Dead by The Black Angels
  • Zune - Academy Of Dreams Zune - Academy Of Dreams (2007)
    Summary: A boy explores the bizarre world inside of his Zune
    Song: Sleeping Lessons by The Shins
  • Zune - Ballad of Tina Pink Zune - Ballad of Tina Pink (2007)
    Summary: A girl goes on a trippy journey through her Zune.
    Song: Lake Michigan by Rogue Wave
  • Microsoft - Zune - Meltdown Microsoft - Zune - Meltdown (2007)
    Summary: Two cobras clash and then share an ice cream cone.
    Song: Strict Machine (We Are Glitter Mix) by Goldfrapp
  • Zune - Dogfight Zune - Dogfight (2007)
    Summary: Two animated fighter pilots battle it out, resulting in pretty explosions.
    Song: Special Thing by Viva Voce
  • Zune - Float Zune - Float (2007)
    Summary: A guy and a girl float away after they meet at an outdoor cafe.
    Song: Hopelist by What Made Milwaukee Famous
  • Zune - Why I Rock Zune - Why I Rock (2007)
    Summary: Lots of Zune players are shown as rap/rock music is played.
    Song: This Is Why I Rock by Mims, Purple Popcorn
    Song: [related] This Is Why I'm Hot by Mims
  • Zune - Two Little Birds Zune - Two Little Birds (2006)
    Summary: Animation of two birds that spontaneously catch on fire, but then regenerate their feathers.
    Song: The Second Coming of the Monkey God by Ashtar Command
  • Zune - Sweat Zune - Sweat (2006)
    Summary: At a concert, people have fun and exchange music with their Zunes.
    Song: Solid Gold by Eagles of Death Metal
  • Zune - Cookies Zune - Cookies (2006)
    Summary: A girl is able to share her cookie without ever losing any of it.
    Song: Magic Trick by M. Ward
  • Zune - Share Zune - Share (2006)
    Summary: A mix of different Zune commercials that highlights the sharing aspect of the Zune.
    Song: Share by Bag of Toys
  • Zune - Basement Zune - Basement (2006)
    Summary: While down in the basement spinning some records on the turntable, a group of friends listen to their Zunes.
    Song: Soy del Monte by Beny More
  • Zune - Picnic Zune - Picnic (2006)
    Summary: A group of friends dance, frolic with their dogs, and exchange music at a picnic they're having at a park.
    Song: Nobody Cares by The 88
  • Zune - Snow Zune - Snow (2006)
    Summary: Snowboarders and snow tubers make their way down a slope, and also exchange songs with their Zune wifi.
    Song: All Sing Along by Audio Bullys
  • Zune - Concert Zune - Concert (2006)
    Summary: A crowd of people attend a rock concert
    Song: Cherry Cola by Eagles of Death Metal
  • Zune - Battle Zune - Battle (2006)
    Summary: At a freestyle battle (rap, dance, etc.), concertgoers exchange music via their Zune wifi.
    Song: Don't Look Away by The Helio Sequence
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