Brand: Harley Davidson

tv commercials and cinema ads

  • Harley Davidson - Unchained Harley Davidson - Unchained (2011)
    Summary: A dog chained in a yard breaks free and starts running along side a Harley.
  • Harley Davidson - Liberation Harley Davidson - Liberation (2011)
    Summary: A Harley rider frees dogs from their cages.
  • Harley Davidson - Dark Custom Harley Davidson - Dark Custom (2009)
    Summary: Footage of people riding Harley Davidson's and of people skateboarding
    Song: Resistance is Futile by Third Bullet
  • IBM - Harley IBM - Harley (2008)
    Summary: Harley Davidson employees and customers talk about the company and it's bikes
    Song: Running Through My Mind by The Black Hollies
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