Brand: Mastercard

tv commercials and cinema ads

  • Mastercard - Bodyguard Mastercard - Bodyguard (2010)
    Summary: A priceless commercial in which Mr. T protects a woman who makes everyday purchases with her Mastercard prepaid card.
  • Mastercard - Legends - Jeans Mastercard - Legends - Jeans (2009)
    Summary: Legends of pop culture wearing jeans.
    Song: The Jean Genie by David Bowie
  • Mastercard - Shopping Mastercard - Shopping (2008)
    Summary: A woman shops for items one doesn't normally find in a store
  • Mastercard - Mr. Bill Mastercard - Mr. Bill (2008)
    Summary: Mr. Bill some how survives a day despite numerous accidents
  • Mastercard - Living It Mastercard - Living It (2008)
    Summary: People visit the places where rock stars got their start
    Song: Lay Down Sally by Eric Clapton
    Song: Runaway by Bon Jovi
    Song: I Go Back by Kenny Chesney
  • Mastercard - School's Out Mastercard - School's Out (2008)
    Summary: Office workers celebrate their vacations
    Song: School's Out by Alice Cooper
  • Mastercard - Small Business Land Mastercard - Small Business Land (2008)
    Summary: Animated small business man jumps over hills to arrive at his shop.
  • Mastercard - Studious Pupil Mastercard - Studious Pupil (2008)
    Summary: A guy's eye wanders to observe the world around it.
  • Mastercard - Dinner Out Mastercard - Dinner Out (2008)
    Summary: Kitchen utensils celebrate the night off
    Song: Via Con Me by Paolo Conte
  • Mastercard - Small Business Trip Mastercard - Small Business Trip (2007)
    Summary: An animated woman carries a growing piggy bank on her small business trip.
  • Mastercard - Social Life Mastercard - Social Life (2007)
    Summary: Peyton Manning's Priceless Pep Talk: How to spruce up your social life with a few new dance moves.
  • Mastercard - Two New Cars Mastercard - Two New Cars (2007)
    Summary: A couple exchange gifts for the holidays, and the guy surprises the woman with matching cars.
  • Mastercard - Favorite Things Mastercard - Favorite Things (2007)
    Summary: A woman participates in numerous hobbies
    Song: My Favorite Things [Mastercard version]
    Song: [related] My Favorite Things by Julie Andrews, Richard Rodgers, Oscar Hammerstein II
  • Mastercard - Robot Dance Mastercard - Robot Dance (2007)
    Summary: Three young boys dance in a school hallway
    Song: Give Up The Funk (Tear The Roof Off The Sucker) by Parliament
  • Mastercard - Round The World Mastercard - Round The World (2007)
    Summary: Home video footage that catalogs a "priceless" travel trip.
    Song: This Is the Thing by Fink
  • Mastercard - Hit the Cart - Obsession Mastercard - Hit the Cart - Obsession (2007)
    Summary: At the driving range a woman is persistent in aiming for the cart guy, even when he goes home.
    Song: [related] Obsession by Animotion
    Song: [related] Obsession by Holly Knight, Michael Des Barres
  • Mastercard - Elephant Mastercard - Elephant (2007)
    Summary: An elephant uses Mastercard Paypass to buy items for its sick caretaker.
  • Mastercard - Marathon Mastercard - Marathon (2006)
    Summary: A runner makes pit stops during a marathon race, using MasterCard PayPass to quicken the transactions.
    Song: Walkin' in the Sunshine by Roger Miller
  • Mastercard - Arrivals Mastercard - Arrivals (2006)
    Summary: Actual reunions shot at Heathrow and Gatwick airports
    Song: Come Home by Findlay Brown
  • Mastercard - Die-Hard Peyton Mastercard - Die-Hard Peyton (2006)
    Summary: Peyton Manning cheers for the everyday people in his life
  • Mastercard - Simpsons Mastercard - Simpsons (2004)
    Summary: A "Priceless" day in the life of Homer Simpson
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