Brand: Levi's

tv commercials and cinema ads

  • JCPenney - Levi's - Dear Guys JCPenney - Levi's - Dear Guys (2013)
    Summary: Dear Guys, you sure love your Levi's
    Song: Grounds for Divorce by Elbow
  • Levi's - America - Go Forth Levi's - America - Go Forth (2009)
    Summary: Walt Whitman's poem "America" is read and scenes of America are shown.
    Song: The Cn Tower Belongs To The Dead (Many Lives Version) by Final Fantasy
  • Levi's - Helium Jeans Levi's - Helium Jeans (2008)
    Summary: A guy floats around in helium-inflated pants.
    Song: Yadnus by !!!
  • Levi's 501 - First Time Levi's 501 - First Time (2008)
    Summary: Two teens unbutton their 501s, but don't do what you'd expect.
    Song: It's Going by john gold
  • Levi's - Onion Peel Levi's - Onion Peel (2008)
    Summary: A scene of a fashion model plays backwards to the point where she's with her boyfriend.
  • Levi's 501 - Secrets and Lies Levi's 501 - Secrets and Lies (2008)
    Summary: Two people reveal their lies before they hook up
    Song: (Do You Wanna) Come Walk With Me? by Isobel Campbell, Mark Lanegan
  • Levi's - Change Levi's - Change (2007)
    Summary: A man is putting on his 501 jeans, but doing so lifts the city street into his apartment.
    Song: Up Against the Wall by Peter Bjorn and John
  • Levi's - Dangerous Liaisons Levi's - Dangerous Liaisons (2007)
    Summary: Two lovers rip off each other's clothes to reveal different styles.
    Song: Strange Love by Little Annie
  • Levi's - News Story Levi's - News Story (2006)
    Summary: A guy and his girlfriend are watching tv when the live breaking news gets a little close to home.
  • Levi's - Straight Walk Ver. 2 Levi's - Straight Walk Ver. 2 (2006)
    Summary: A man and woman blocks apart start walking through a city, walking over everything in their way, to end up face to face.
    Song: [related] I Walk the Line by Johnny Cash
  • Levi's - Loyal Levi's - Loyal (2005)
    Summary: A thief steals a pair of Levi's that are hanging off a balcony, and finds his actions are being controlled by the pants.
    Song: Superstition by Stevie Wonder
  • Levi's 501 - Claymation Levi's 501 - Claymation (c. 1995)
    Summary: A building is on fire, and a woman is in distress, but one guy keeps his cool and rescues her.
    Song: Boombastic by Shaggy
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