Brand: JCPenney

tv commercials and cinema ads

  • JCPenney - Levi's - Dear Guys JCPenney - Levi's - Dear Guys (2013)
    Summary: Dear Guys, you sure love your Levi's
    Song: Grounds for Divorce by Elbow
  • JCPenney - Tis the season to gift JCPenney - Tis the season to gift (2012)
    Summary: Christmas gifts move around using stop-motion animation to the tune of "What Christmas Means to Me"
    Song: What Christmas Means to Me by Cee Lo Green
    Song: [related] What Christmas Means to Me by Anna Gordy Gaye, George Gordy, Allen Story
  • JCPenney - Back to School 2012 JCPenney - Back to School 2012 (2012)
    Summary: Back to school time, and fun at the laundromat.
    Song: Get Ready by Mayer Hawthorne
    Song: [related] Get Ready by The Temptations
  • JCPenney - Jump Into June JCPenney - Jump Into June (2012)
    Summary: "Jump into June" theme for JCPenney.
    Song: My Guy by Mary Wells
  • JCPenney - May is Blooming JCPenney - May is Blooming (2012)
    Summary: On the first warm day. A May theme for JCPenney.
    Song: On the First Warm Day by Rosemary Clooney
  • JCPenney - April Is Hopping JCPenney - April Is Hopping (2012)
    Summary: The camera pans from house to house, showing off various families and their JCPenney spring fashions and accessories.
    Song: Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows by Lesley Gore
  • JCPenney - Mad For March JCPenney - Mad For March (2012)
    Summary: People wear spring fashions from JCPenney, as birds fly around.
    Song: Rockin' Robin by Bobby Day
  • JCPenney - Fall Looks - Who Knew JCPenney - Fall Looks - Who Knew (2010)
    Summary: "Who knew" rhetorical questions are asked about JCPenney fall looks.
    Song: Luxury Of You by Miss La Bliss, Oli Chang, Nylon Studios
  • JCPenney - Back to School Picture Day JCPenney - Back to School Picture Day (2010)
    Summary: Students have their own photo session at school on picture day.
    Song: 1,2,3 Turnaround by Christian TV
  • JCPenney - Anthem - Here Come The Girls JCPenney - Anthem - Here Come The Girls (2010)
    Summary: Spring 2010 fashions at JCPenney - A group of women walk down the street.
    Song: Girls by Sugababes
    Song: [related] Here Come the Girls by Ernie K-Doe
  • JCPenney - Follow The Arrow JCPenney - Follow The Arrow (2009)
    Summary: A boy walks through a Christmas party to find a girl.
    Song: Follow the Arrow by Rosi Golan
  • JCPenney - Back to School 2009 JCPenney - Back to School 2009 (2009)
    Summary: Kids do an impromptu fashion show in their cafeteria.
    Song: Too Fake by Hockey
  • JCPenney - Nicole Miller Spring Style JCPenney - Nicole Miller Spring Style (2009)
    Summary: A group of friends hang out on a building rooftop.
    Song: Unbelievable [i am jen remix] by Sleepy Rebels, i am jen
  • JCPenney - Fabulosity Spring Style JCPenney - Fabulosity Spring Style (2009)
    Summary: A group of women show off their styles at a fancy estate.
    Song: Jungle Drum by Emiliana Torrini
  • JCPenney - I ♥ Ronson JCPenney - I ♥ Ronson (2009)
    Summary: A girl tries on different fashions before going out to meet her boyfriend.
    Song: Two Doors Down by Mystery Jets
  • JCPenney - Couplets JCPenney - Couplets (2008)
    Summary: Gift ideas in a series of rhyming couplets.
    Song: Give Love by Nadia Fay
  • JCPenney - Beware of the Doghouse JCPenney - Beware of the Doghouse (2008)
    Summary: A man finds himself in the doghouse after he gives his girlfriend a thoughtless gift.
  • JCPenney - High School Cinema JCPenney - High School Cinema (2008)
    Summary: Kids attend detention in this homage to The Breakfast Club.
    Song: Don't You (Forget About Me) by New Found Glory
    Song: [related] Don't You (Forget About Me) by Simple Minds
  • JCPenney - Crowd Surfing JCPenney - Crowd Surfing (2008)
    Summary: People crowd surf as a mode of transportation
    Song: Get Lucky by Dragonette
  • JCPenney - American Living - Let's Dance JCPenney - American Living - Let's Dance (2008)
    Summary: A marching band, skateboarders, and others march down a street.
    Song: Let's Dance by Chris Montez
  • JCPenney - American Living - Anthem JCPenney - American Living - Anthem (2008)
    Summary: The launch of the American Living collection from JCPenney and Polo Ralph Lauren's Global Brand Concepts.
    Song: Killing The Blues by Robert Plant, Alison Krauss
  • JCPenney - Dear Santa From Kelly JCPenney - Dear Santa From Kelly (2007)
    Summary: A little boy receives girls gifts for Christmas.
    Song: Jingle Bells by Glenn Miller
    Song: [related] Jingle Bells by James Lord Pierpont
  • JCPenney - Wake Up JCPenney - Wake Up (2007)
    Summary: A mother mysteriously wakes up her children to evacuate the house.
  • JCPenney - All That I Want JCPenney - All That I Want (2007)
    Summary: People walking down a street get unexpected gifts [Holiday 2007].
    Song: All That I Want by The Weepies
  • JCPenney - The Aviator JCPenney - The Aviator (2007)
    Summary: A young girl works on a secret Christmas project
    Song: Real Love by John Lennon
  • JCPenney - Magic JCPenney - Magic (2007)
    Summary: Ordinary people experience magical moments on the street.
    Song: Music Box (Bonus Version) by Regina Spektor
  • JCPenney - Zombies JCPenney - Zombies (2007)
    Summary: School students are attacked by zombie clothes.
  • JCPenney - Doodle Heart JCPenney - Doodle Heart (2007)
    Summary: A girl doodles a heart with a boy's initials and her own, then tries to hide it.
    Song: Theme From Love Story by Francis Lai
    Song: [related] Theme from "Love Story" by Henry Mancini
  • JCPenney - Father's Day - Strings JCPenney - Father's Day - Strings (2007)
    Summary: People are connected by strings to their fathers.
    Song: Kaleidoscope by Sleepy Rebels
  • JCPenney - Mother's Day JCPenney - Mother's Day (2007)
    Summary: A mother and daughter walk down a street, then time goes forward and the daughter is grown up with a daughter of her own.
    Song: Only You by Joshua Radin
    Song: [related] Only You by Yaz
  • JCPenney - Ambrielle JCPenney - Ambrielle (2007)
    Summary: Women wearing lingerie look at themselves in mirrors.
    Song: The Breakfast Table by Populous
  • JCPenney - Calendario JCPenney - Calendario (2007)
    Summary: A family is shown doing activities over various days. [Spanish-language version]
    Song: El Universo Sobre Mi by Amaral
  • JCPenney - Movies JCPenney - Movies (2007)
    Summary: Famous moments in film recreated for the commercial.
    Song: South American Getaway by Burt Bacharach
  • JCPenney - Calendar JCPenney - Calendar (2007)
    Summary: Different days, different events for a family in a rotating house.
    Song: How Can It Be by Forever Thursday, Melanie Horsnell
  • JCPenney - Cupid JCPenney - Cupid (2007)
    Summary: A man walks down the street avoiding Cupid's arrows.
    Song: Way to Your Heart by Persephone's Bees
  • JCPenney - Kids Room JCPenney - Kids Room (2006)
    Summary: The camera pans through a few different kids rooms, and ends in a school hallway.
    Song: Do What You Want by OK Go
  • JCPenney - Sparks JCPenney - Sparks (2006)
    Summary: Fall fashions cause an electrifying reaction in scaffolding, an elevator, bumper cars, theater marquee, and inside a home.
  • JCPenney - Whistle JCPenney - Whistle (2006)
    Summary: Various women are shown walking down the street in spring collection fashions, drawing the attention of men passing by.
    Song: [related] Bang a Gong (Get It On) by T. Rex
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