Brand: Monster

tv commercials and cinema ads

  • Monster - Double Take - Moose Monster - Double Take - Moose (2009)
    Summary: A boss's lavish office has a flip side.
  • Monster - Legs Monster - Legs (2008)
    Summary: A man with massive legs walks to work
    Song: The Happy Wanderer by Obernkirchen Children's Choir
  • Monster - Daybreak Monster - Daybreak (2008)
    Summary: People try to battle the sun back on Monday morning.
  • Monster - Slots Monster - Slots (2008)
    Summary: People commute to and from their jobs by moving along slots.
    Song: Dream On by The Chemical Brothers
  • Monster - All Right Now Monster - All Right Now (2007)
    Summary: What are you working for?
    Song: All Right Now by Free
  • Monster - Today's The Day Monster - Today's The Day (2006)
    Summary: People celebrating new jobs
    Song: Do Ya by Electric Light Orchestra
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