Brand: Jaguar

tv commercials and cinema ads

  • Jaguar - Shock of the Lightning Jaguar - Shock of the Lightning (2009)
    Summary: With light effects, 2010 Jaguar cars are shown off.
    Song: The Shock Of The Lightning by Oasis
  • Jaguar - Hush Jaguar - Hush (c. 2008)
    Summary: Scenes of the Jaguar zipping down roads, as the song "Hush" plays.
    Song: Hush by Deep Purple
  • Jaguar - XK Launch Jaguar - XK Launch (2006)
    Summary: Rapid fire images of the XK and people leading a celebrity lifestyle.
    Song: I Turn My Camera On by Spoon
  • Jaguar - Attractive Jaguar - Attractive (2006)
    Summary: A couple drives around in the Jaguar XK.
    Song: The Girl's Attractive by Diamond Nights
  • Jaguar - History Repeating Jaguar - History Repeating (1999)
    Summary: Jaguar cars from past years are shown, then the new S-Type.
    Song: History Repeating by Propellerheads, Shirley Bassey
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