Brand: iPod

tv commercials and cinema ads

  • Apple - iPod touch - More Fun Apple - iPod touch - More Fun (2009)
    Summary: Games are demonstrated on the iPod touch.
    Song: No You Girls by Franz Ferdinand
  • Apple - iPod touch - Funnest Apple - iPod touch - Funnest (2008)
    Summary: Several games are played on the 2nd generation iPod touch, as the person turns the device to control the games.
    Song: Around the Bend by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour
  • Apple - iPod nano-Chromatic Apple - iPod nano-Chromatic (2008)
    Summary: 4th generation iPod nano music players appear on screen in a rainbow of colors.
    Song: Bruises by Chairlift
  • Apple - iPod nano - Stacks Apple - iPod nano - Stacks (2007)
    Summary: A stack of the iPod nano are shown with each playing the same music video in synch.
    Song: 1234 by Feist
  • Apple - iPod + iTunes - U2 Apple - iPod + iTunes - U2 (c. 2004)
    Summary: In silhouette against solid color backgrounds, U2 perform their song "Vertigo".
    Song: Vertigo by U2
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